Warcraft 3 Reforged

 I'm so glad that you have taken the time to work on Warcraft RTS after abandoning us fans for all these years, Warcraft 3 has been a great game since it was first released years ago, with so many people still playing the game, upgrading the graphics was the right thing to do.  

It is unfortunate some people were unsatisfied, they were expecting bigger changes, as if you were going to completely make a new Warcraft RTS, and I think the fact you have so many people “unsatisfied”, should send you a hint that they are craving more from Warcraft RTS… more than a Warcraft 3 would offer… a craving that only a Warcraft IV RTS could satisfy.
I’ve stumbled across the following post on the forums:
“And if Blizzard has proven anything with Reforged, it’s that they totally have the skill necessary and will totally put in the effort required for a large scale project like WC4.”
Please prove to your fans that your employees have not lost the skill which it took to originally make Warcraft 3 RTS (and for the record, I like Reforged-it is the same game in my opinion, with better graphics… waiting on future updates to include clans, arranged teams, and whatever else you are working on for the game). There are other companies making RTS games with great success, and Warcraft (in general) is by far more popular. I’d really love to see a Warcraft IV, and it would be great if you decided the story did not have to align with WoW. (Although aligning Warcraft 4 RTS with WoW is ENTIRELY possible, even if you add 2 NEW races not even in WoW, I’ve submitted one idea down below.)
People on the forums have been so pessimistic about RTS games, saying they are dead, Warcraft (in general) is dying. THAT IS FAKE NEWS! Why not show some creativity, have some innovative minds do some brainstorming, and make a game that will have people saying “THIS GAME IS AMAZING”!
There is no reason why a Warcraft 4 RTS cannot be titled “game of the year”, NONE! The main thing is that you are willing to put in the effort before day one. Don’t announce a game like Warcraft 4 RTS and then treat it like it will not become the #1 priority of Blizzard Entertainment. I’m confident that if you put the kind of resources into Warcraft 4 RTS that the true Warcraft RTS fans would expect, the game would be a hit for another 20 years, keeping Blizzard Entertainment on the map.
…or you could just be boring and let the company die with WoW… but I’d strongly prefer to have a new favorite game rolling out with 5G internet, for the next 20 years (with 2 new races, bigger maps, & 6vs6 ladder games).
Will you please make a brave BOLD choice to “go all out” on a Warcraft 4 and put your heart into making the game, with intent on it being titled “game of the year”?

Be optimistic, please!

One of the main reasons why Warcraft RTS fans are so pessimistic about there being a new Warcraft RTS, is because they claim WoW hijacked the story, and for that reason, it cannot be done. Have we lost all of our creative minds at Blizzard Entertainment? Can we not just make a game based on one NEW race (such as alien, or Naga) coming through a portal and kidnapping infants from every race? Then on another unknown part of the Earth (or universe), all races grow for centuries, and then go to war, in the newest game of Warcraft RTS…


Notice: An alien (or Naga race) kidnapping infants from every race would not even effect the WoW storyline, because everyone else in the World of Warcraft would not have been effected by infants from each race getting kidnapped and going somewhere unknown to those in the World of Warcraft, you could even create a new island on the World and put in the story it is unknown to everyone else in the World. I’d not care if you only added ONE new race, and Naga is already a playable race in custom maps on WC3, which brings me to another idea which I think is BIG! One thing I missed from WC2 to WC3 was boats, and ships! If you brought that back in Warcraft 4 with at least one new race, that would be an automatic victory for Blizzard… but TWO new races, we are on the verge of GAME OF THE YEAR right there! Battleships, boats, bringing men from island to island, improvements like that are guaranteed to make players drop Warcraft 3 like a hot potato and begin worshiping Warcraft 4 RTS. New characters, never had a place in WoW. In Warcraft 4, the story can continue to grow in completely separate realm, paving the way for Warcraft V (5) RTS by 2060!

Then after Warcraft 4 RTS becomes famous, you could even create a new storyline for WoW, as if it is sprouting from a new beginning, changing the name to reflect this “WorldS of Warcraft”. (Plural.) Although I would not want to see that happen if that would only be used as an excuse in the future to not make Warcraft 5. Please stop making excuses and start planning to make what will be called “game of the year” when it is completed.

Warcraft IV (RTS)