Warcraft 3: Reforged - thoughts from veteran

I am impressed guys. If you go through my post history you will see nothing but hate from me for other games but when it comes to W3, damn guys I am impressed. And it comes from probably the biggest Blizzard hater.

Remaster looks delicious. I am sure lot of money was pumped in it to make it look good like that and its good that you remastered one of your classic games. Period.


I hope you wont stop on Frozen Throne. It would be actually nice to match WoW lore with new expansions for which I would happily pay whatever price you ask. Not releasing any extra content after its like buying 100 acres of land and utilizing only 30% of it. Game is strong, fans will love it, money will flow.

And the last thought. If you release world editor, you will kill HOTS as modding community will get on top of the game, maybe even drag down LoL a bit.

The future is bright. Keep it up.


They will release more content, like 95% chance. With the death of StarCraft 2, both in general popularity and eSports, this is Blizzard’s attempt at getting an RTS back in eSports.

This is their baby for the foreseeable future.

I fully expect changes to the Lore if they continue the story though. Think of the WarCraft movie and the original story. Think Diablo 1 & 2, then Diablo 3. The retcon will be real, or they will simply say, “It’s just a different story.”

I am also excited for the Remaster. Currently the only thing from Blizzard that has me excited.

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I really hope they will. It would be a shame not to. I loved campaigns, I hope expansions will follow.

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Well I would be excited as well, but without any additional campaigns as content it seems just like a lazy cash grab. Warcraft deserves more love than this. Or just go for Warcraft 4. But then the return on invest is of course worse, so why try if you can make money without it?

Will see how the situation will develop, not like its releasing tomorrow. All I am saying its it looks good.

True. If they bring in the new lore as campaigns, I would definitely be on board with WC reforged.

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will my custom maps work in this new version?

will the custom models made by the hive work in this new version?

why isn’t this treated like a wc3 expansion?

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I hope they add the option to play campaign in co-op !

Yea the panel on this game really gave me hope for the company. You could tell this team really are being true to the fans, and want to listen to feedback. It seems like these guys are still fighting to keep the original spirit of Blizzard alive.

The game looks great already, and I am very excited to see the final outcome. I’m not sure why they didn’t save this announcement for last, because it seems like this is what people are the most excited about. I sure can’t wait to be playing all the old custom maps, and games I used to play when I was in middle school. Playing with friends, and online is gonna be so much easier with the game being brought into the 21st century.

An expansion would be AMAZING.
That idea is off the chart!
I’d be willing to pay $89.99 for an expansion to WC3 Reforged, and I’ve have a massive grin on my face while doing it!

Warcraft RTS games are the ONLY reason I’ve ever been a fan of Blizzard. If they were to announce never releasing more Warcraft RTS content ever again, I’d announce they would never get another penny out of me, but I’ll buy whatever they release with new Warcraft RTS games.

I’d love it if they made an expansion to Warcraft 3 Reforged, just bigger maps alone would be awesome! I’d also like it if I could share control with an ally, and select all of his units and all of mine at the same time.