Warcraft 2 Reborn

Since Starcraft 1 got remastered, I think it would only be fair that Warraft 1 & 2 get remastered as well… even if it is just another money grab like some people say Warcraft 3 was… I don’t care. I love Warcraft RTS (only) and would buy 1 & 2 - Reborn/Remastered, just to support the RTS! I’d actually love to play Warcraft 2 though… especially with Starcraft 2 quality graphics… I’m talking about that Warcraft 3 mod within Starcraft 2… those graphics are amazing, but even Warcraft 3 graphics, that be cool with me. I’ve beat all campaigns on Warcraft 1 and 2 btw… but never even tried anything but versus mode on Warcraft 3… developers–take note of that. All we need in Warcraft 3 is our clans/ladder games back (with profiles), and I’ll be very happy about the work you’ve done.

Keep up the good hard work, I still have faith we will see a Warcraft RTS growth sprout, as long as you continue watering the seed, and it is almost here, I feel it, just clans and ladder games (plus user profiles) that is all we need in WC3. (oh, and before we could type “/add f” to add a friend during a game, that is not working… that feature needs be added back as well.)

Zug Zug.