Virtual Ticket closed early?

I thought the streams would be up for viewing until 31 march, but now they seem to have already been taken down? :frowning:

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Same, I planned to watch them this week-end before it closed. The ending date I found was the 31/3/2020 too.

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Was just about to post about this. I was actually still able to watch them through the website up until just a few minutes ago when I made the stupid mistake of refreshing the Blizzcon videos page and it gave the 404 page it is now. What gives? The were supposed to go away after the 31st, not the 25th.

Just to keep you updated, I contacted the assistance with this problem. The Game Master asked around then told me:

Yeah no one knows, as far as we’re aware it should still be open, however we did just have a website issue, so it could be the website is down right now and will be back up in a bit fully. I’ll pass it on though to the right people…not sure it would be fixed before the 31st now, or if we can extend it even :s.

So hopefully it’ll come back but with the pandemic situation and the weekend I’m not convinced someone will be able to fix it in time.

EDIT: The videos are back !

Similar story here. The GM that responded to me wasn’t sure when they’d be back up after asking around as well, but thankfully they came back up relatively quickly. Sadly, they probably won’t be extending the cut-off for the official removal of them to make up for the lost time. Oh, well. Hope everyone can get in all their watching before the end of the 31st (although I’m not sure specifically the hour it will happen myself).

Unfortunately the age verification seems to be broken and only the all public videos can be launched, so RIP most Diablo videos. But I suppose it’s better than nothing, I don’t blame them considering the circumstances.

There is no reason to close access down.
We paid for the videos, they can stay online and accessible until the end of blizzard.