Video Playback Froze

I had an issue with the Opening Ceremony video freezing at the same point. I had no issue with any other video, live or recorded. I watched all the videos through the Battlenet App. All my software is up to date, no issues with my modem or internet connection and have plenty of bandwidth. The Opening Ceremony froze when J. Allen Brack was talking about the global competitions for all platforms. I tried restarting the video and advancing to just before the freeze point to only have it freeze at the same point. I tried advancing the video about minute past the freeze point to only have it freeze within seconds. I submitted a trouble ticket. The solution had me delete the Blizzard Entertainment folder from the %ProgramData% folder. After restarting everything including computer and restating the Opening Ceremony video and advancing it to about a minute before the freeze point, the video froze again with an error message saying there was an issue with the video to restart it. I restarted it again and advanced it to about a minute past the freeze point and was able to watch the rest of the video. Again, I had no issues with any other video either live or recorded. This information is being included at the request of customer service from my trouble ticket to provide information.