Ugh kpop performance

Let the hate rain down on me. What a butthole way to end blizzcon with a crummy kpop performance. Id rather have buttrock end it again, what was it blink 182 or something crappy one year?


yeah that performance gave me a seizure… They could of brought back Metallica imo.


first it wasnt live it was prerecorded. The singer in the white top every other cut away was dressed slightly differently. And really kpop i guess we know who blizzard is pandering to.

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Who played? Kpop isn’t bad…I like black metal, heavy metal, death metal…my gf loves kpop

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Some group with a dumb name like mamamoo or some crap. I also like Black, Death, thrash etc. I also LOVE Lofi/chillhop, retro synth, lots of stuff. Kpop, however, I just can’t get behind. I tried for a couple of years because my wife and her sisters love it. It just flat out sucks to me and it sucks that blizzard killed the hype and vibe of the day with that trash. Kpop is traaaaaash.

was okay at best and i watched on mute

I wish it was BabyMetal!

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That would have been siiiiick. Ijime dame zettai, Akatsuki, and Megitsune hiiiit.

I like BTS and Blackpink performance. Their performance videos get more views. It’s fun to see the full performance with full dance choreography without being broken up by anything else