Ticket scalpers


I was also advised to make a post about this because it’s a concern of mine.
I know ticket scalpers are unavoidable with any convention, but I’ve noticed that the scalping this year is kinda worse than it has been in previous years. Right now on eBay there’s listings for 2 STANDARD tickets priced at almost $1000, and single standard tickets anywhere from $400+ to $600+.

If you do a quick search on eBay for ‘Blizzcon 2019’ you can see for yourself how much these scalpers are trying to rip people off for. Is there anything that can be done to stop those people from scamming someone? It seems like it would be against eBay’s policy to allow that level of scalping, since they’re re-selling a Blizzard Entertainment product and making twice what Blizzard sold it for in the first place.


You can report the listing on eBay. Scalping prices for tickets in events like BlizzCon in the State of California is technically illegal and therefore violates eBay’s listing policies as they must comply with this law.


My question is how many different listing have there been? I think the quantity of listings is down which might explain why the scalps are inflating their prices even more. Either way, DO NOT ATTEMPT to buy tickets from scalpers as it is extremely risky and neither Blizzard or AXS will be able to provide any support.

I do personally recommend https://wtblizzcon.com/available-tickets/ for available tickets. They arrange ticket exchanges at face value or less and is a little more controlled.


There’s actually more listings currently than there were last night, and all of them seem to be inflated. That’s good to know that I can report them, tho!

And thank you for the link, it helps a lot <3


Considering AXS offers the chance for tickets holders to resell and at a considerable mark up (thanks to the fees) does this really matter anymore? The cheaper ‘normal pass’ on AXS starts at $290.00 (already marked up) after fee’s it’s almost $400.00. On top of that the seller pays a fee to re-sell their ticket (at least $40.00) when I tested out selling mine on the mobile app.

At this point Blizzard have shown they don’t care and tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a cut of the re-sell fees at this point with whatever contract they might have made with AXS regarding the sales.


I doubt that Blizz would get a cut in resales since they already did their part in ticket sales. However, I don’t think it’s correct that they are allowing their service provider to resell them considering it’s breaking the toc. I suppose the only route available we have to stop scalping is to report the sellers (regarding axs) to blizz and report the sellers on ebay as well.


I hope you really dont think that Blizz gets a cut. Do you think sports, concerts, etc companies get cuts from scalper?



You can safely get tickets here for $315 (as of 5/11).

This is AXS’s official and blizzard authorized resale agent.


These aren’t exactly scalpers since the resales are being done by the same company that handles the original sale and the same company that Blizzard hired to handle the original sales. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Blizzard got a cut off the resale fee. Why don’t you ask them?


and? so what its there ticket they boguht thru axs and axs owns it and allows resells, u can even resell thru the place u bought the tickets from i see a normal blizzcon ticket listed on axs for $20k and some listed for $280, dont wanna pay big then get the cheaper ones if someones willing to pay big then thats on them and what they want to spend, theres ppl in hollywood who pay $100k for a shot of luxury alcohol, point is buy if you want, don’t buy if u don’t want, and tired of ppl saying blizzard gets scalper money, no they dont, ppl who own the tickets who are selling their tickets get.


There seems like a very high amount of tickets being resold this year. Looking at the subreddit r/BlizzconPassExchange and WTBBlizzcon website, there’s so many more than previous years, not even considering what’s for sale directly on the AXS site (with those obscene 22.5% charges!!!).

I feel like it was much easier to get a ticket this year. Whether that’s because of less interest or more tickets available, I’m not sure. But people certainly took advantage and scooped up as many as they could!


The problem isn’t whether Blizz get a cut, the problem is they’re using a 3rd party that charges an initial 5.25% fee but then also hits you with a 22.5% reselling fee, so even if you have a genuine reason for wanting to offload your ticket because of a change in circumstance, you will have to add that fee to your ticket price to recoup your cash.

Lets be real here though, for every legit person reselling because of genuine reason, there will be a hell of a lot more scalpers, do AXS care? no they get more cash, do Blizz care? obviously not, they chose them in the first place.

Blizz are complicit in this by their choice of AXS, even if they don’t get a cut, and I don’t think they do, I’m willing to bet an important part of my anatomy that they got a tidy little sum from AXS to let them handle ticket sales.

This is a company that announced record profits then threw 800 employees under the bus, you have to be a special kind of stupid to think that they aren’t motivated by profit over everything else, the sort of stupid that loses a game of charades to a blind person.