Thoughts on the Darkmoon Faire & Buying Exclusives


I want to talk about the exclusives available for purchase at the Darkmoon Faire, such as plushies, pins, and legacy loot boxes.

2018 was my first Blizzcon, and I was really excited to check out the Faire. With only two days of the con and many panels to attend there was little time to set aside for it. I did make some time on the second day, but it was still insanely busy and the exclusives were pretty much gone; after getting yelled at by security for waiting near the plushie line, which they refused to reopen, and then finally waiting in line for well over an hour (not long compared to many) I ended up having a panic attack and leaving because it was so overwhelming.

Later I learned that there were no purchase limits in effect at the DMF. That explained how people were walking out with as many Moonkin plushies their giant bags could carry, and how a whole lot of those extras ended up on Ebay for hundreds of dollars before the con was even over. So many fans waiting in line missed out. Similar things happened with the legacy loot boxes — one individual bragged in a Blizzcon Facebook group that he had purchased 200 boxes in order to resell the contents for a massive profit. I wish I was making that up. While that isn’t typical and might even be made up on his part, I definitely did see people buying half a dozen or more at once.

It seems to me that in order to purchase DMF exclusives, regular con-goers essentially have to give up most of the first day of the con to stand in line and hope the person in front of them doesn’t buy out whatever stock is left.

I worry that with the portal pass this year, people with the standard pass won’t get a chance at exclusives at all. I have already seen people on twitter discussing how they purchased a portal pass specifically for the early DMF access in order to purchase exclusives and turn a profit.

I would like to suggest the following:

  1. Make the DMF-exclusive items buyable through the Blizzcon store to convention attendees (both the snap shipping and regular wait-in-line store), and/or, more importantly,

  2. Enforce purchase limits.

These suggestions accomplish a number of things:

  • they would allow attendees to spend their time actually on the con floor and at panels and events, rather than waiting in line for hours for a pin that may or may not be available by the time they get to the front. For a two-day-only con, this is a tremendous waste of time.
  • they would make the system more fair and make exclusives available to more con attendees.
  • they would reduce (not eliminate) the number of people purchasing exclusive items just to turn a profit themselves.
  • if items were available via the Blizzcon store to attendees and not just at the DMF, it might make the area a little less busy. People would still be able to buy them at the DMF and do other things like pin trading and playing the capsule machines.

How would you enforce purchase limits? By having a strict number of exclusive items one individual can purchase at one time (say, 2 of X). If I want 4 of X, I can do that, but I have to go wait in line again.

The only drawbacks to these options as far as I can see would be that some people might complain that DMF “exclusives” are no longer really exclusive if they’re on the BlizzCon store, which is valid, but they would still be con-attendee exclusives. The biggest hit is to resellers, which is the intent. I mean, sure, sucks for them, but buying 20 of a limited plushie just so you can sell 18 of them is kind of a crappy thing to do in the first place. Just like those who buy con tickets and put them up on ebay for 5x the price.

Please comment with your thoughts for the Blizzcon team to consider. Thanks for your time!


  • add limits to the number of DMF items people can purchase at one time
  • make all the items available to con attendees via the Blizzcon store
  • fairer system, happier people, less scalping and price gouging on ebay!


I would definitely like to see some sort of purchase limit enforced. Also, I get that everyone wants to make a quick buck, but buying something just to resell it is pretty scummy. :angry:


I always wondered why Blizzard didn’t just put a bar code on each badge. It is something that we all have on while at the con and therefore pretty handy when at a register. If there was a limit for X number of a certain product per person / badge, it could be tied to a database that is associated to your badge’s bar code.
Yes, I understand that you can swap out badges with friends / strangers but it would be a start. If you get someone else’s badge to get that product it means that the other person was giving you their right / ability to utilize their purchase limit.
When I think about it, this seems like a better idea than just a straight limit per purchase. It stops people from standing in line over and over for the same product without any additional effort.


I can’t imagine that Blizzard will make the entire allotment of each exclusive item available on Thursday night at the Darkmoon Faire. You’d have to think that they’ll set the majority aside for the convention itself, and it would be best if they split that up for each day.

But I agree: it would be nice if Blizzard did something to combat resellers. I’m not terribly interested in this kind of stuff, but I’d much rather it end up with someone who will actually enjoy it, as opposed to someone who will just throw it on eBay.


If they put it online it would be pretty impossible to enforce purchase limits since there are work arounds to appearing to be a different person. You’d end up with botters getting all the items and those who went to blizzcon possibly missing out cause their little meat bodies are slower than bots online to buy stuff.


They should have limits on exclusives. I am a super huge blizz fan I am not looking to turn a profit. I just want cool blizz stuff around my house as decor. I want the CE edition so bad for Classic I hope I get that too.