The worst Blizzcon ever

the community, which has been drawing attention to existing errors in the games, is simply overheard.

Everyone is waiting for Diablo 4 and gets warmed up D2. Apparently you have enough time to trim everything up anew. But not to keep what has been announced and promised.

For Overwatch we get pictures of new sounds and how the guns move. Really now?
Plus how the heroes were redesigned. But what about when does it hit the market?
and what about Overwatch 1? no new heroes until the 2nd part? What happens now with Overwatch 1?

I would have wished for and expected much more for the Blizzcon.
I don’t know why you are sneaking around the bush.
Give the community information. What is waiting for us. what do we get from you ???

I was so hoping for the absolute awesome information from you as you always did on your blizzcon …

And finally, I finally apologize for expressing my frustration.


I was hoping for a new story trailer…a character reveal is fine, but I wanted to see lilith again

Overwatch 2 release unknown.

Overwatch 1 new heroes? not until Overwatch 2 is released.

no new stuff for Overwatch 1
because everything boils down to Overwatch 1 being retired.

so why invest time in something that will soon disappear.
Too bad.

but well, keep your head up.
We can assume that everyone has to buy Overwatch 2 if they want to continue playing the game.
because the 1 is a thing of the past and has become totally uninteresting for Blizz.
Will the 2 get such a pay-to-win system?
Do you have to buy the heroes for money now? like at LoL?

it is fair to complain that OW 1 is “overwatch2 addicted” but going around spreading the wrong info is not correct. never said by the developers such a thing, and above all they have always expressly denied the paytowin.

disappointment mixed with extremely pessimistic speculations lead to the spreading of false information about a product that hasn’t even come out, .especially to those who do not have a clear idea of what has been said in the past or recently. be careful, please.

First of all, I would like to thank you for the extremely formal, korreckte. which was also correctly reproduced by you factually.

I do not want or want to spread false reports! Now it’s not an apology in that sense, but I want to get it straight!

Unfortunately, I gave in to my frustration and uttered a “guess” that was written rashly!

nevertheless, I am extremely disappointed. And I wanted to express that in white. and don’t spread rumors.

the statement that I made in terms of paying to win “has: No truth, it’s just a statement of frustration”

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Warcraft 3: Reforged. ‘Nuff said. They had every opportunity to focus on Reforged this time and highlight how they were going to improve the title and bring it in line with Blizzard standards. With Starcraft 2 being completely finished, this would have made sense to have Reforged as their new primary RTS.

A 30 year celebration of Blizzard—a company who has had a huge impact on the RTS genre since 1994’s Warcraft: Orcs & Humans… for the first time has chosen to not care about the genre, and to leave Reforged a broken mess.

What a shame.

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In case you haven’t noticed, there this pandemic…

OW2. They demoed that they are working on it. That’s all you need to know.

D4. They are working on it. That’s all you need to know.

D2R. Will be released this year. There you go.

Hearthstone. A few expansions and a new mode will be released this year. There you go.

WoW. A few patches will be released to continue the story of Shadowlands. New dungeons and raids. All this year. There you go.

Don’t understand what you’re raving about.

What the posts are about for me.

The community was told that no new heroes would be given for Overwatch until Overwatch 2 was released.

  • / But when is this / -

Pandemic or not, if it was because of how can it be that all the old Blizz games could be reworked? where is the pandemic? You can’t tell the community, sry folks, but Covid-19 is slowing us down … but at the same time throwing all the old games on the market. And if the community is waiting for D4 then simply offer you an absolutely old D2 with a different graphic and that again at a price …

I wrote that up to this Blizzcon over and over again it was a self-improvement of Blizz and what they have now delivered only left questions and no answers. Until this last one, blizz has always provided answers! always presents facts.!. and what now? LOL that was a joke.

not only was I more than disappointed. Many of my friends who also play Blizz games were stunned.

Please do not misunderstand the following!

But the piss on you and try to sell it to us as rain.

The best they shouldn’t have done a Blizzcon at all. so they have only shot one owner.

that was under their dignity.

everything I’ve written from 01 to this one.
I don’t want to attack anyone!
I don’t want to offend anyone!
I also don’t want to want to represent intelligence bolts.
i want to write my opinion and not cause a revolution.