Synacious - Stream Freezing Issues

Streaming Blizzcon VT on PC has frequent stops, tried laptop same problem for live/prerecorded. Plays on iPhone perfectly. Went to Best Buy purchased a Lightning to Digital AV cable (costs the same as VT). Will play for a few seconds then turn both devices black with sound only. Am I doing something wrong here? I have run out of options. ( tried Mirror as well)


I moved you to your own thread since you were replying to an older thread with an unrelated issue. Based on that description it could be multiple different things. Is your iPhone connected to your local WiFi or is it on your phone network (3g/4g)? If they’re all connected to the same network, try power cycling the router and turning off other devices using the network.

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Please just try and watch the live blizzcon on the chrome browser and you will see the problem its not (you have bad internet) there is something wrong with your stream it works on edge tho

Thank you for your reply Drakuloth, I will try to shut everything down that uses our WiFi . And yes I use WiFi to watch on my phone as opposed to using data.

rasmus, changing browsers doesnt fix the issue for some, didnt for me, even changing to another desktop computer i have, didnt help