Suggestions for the live stream event early next year

Hey! I’d like to give some suggestions for the Blizzcon live stream coming early next year.

Here’s my list:
Virtual Ticket NEW exclusive benefits:

  1. A chat system to interact with other Blizzard enthusiasts.
  2. It would be awesome if there were a 1 - 2 hour session where, if you’re lucky and you get picked, you get the opportunity to ask a developer from your favorite game one question you wish.
  3. Game Demos - Virtual ticket owners should gain a 5 day access to… let’s say a OW2 Blizzcon demo where people can try the Rio mission that was on the Blizzcon floor last year at home.

In-game rewards
Here are my suggestions for the Blizzcon 2020/early 2021 virtual ticket in-game rewards.

  1. Overwatch: Malthael Reaper & Auriel Mercy skins. A spray & player icon that has the “BLIZZCON” logo on them would be a nice addition also.
  2. World of Warcraft: A new Blizzcon mount where you get to ride a large Murloc. Yeah. That’s right. It will only be a ground mount, but it will be the best damn ground mount to ever exist. Trust me.
  3. Diablo 3: This time the rewards for Diablo 3 will likely be the very last Blizzcon rewards for the game now that Diablo 4 is approaching. So we need to make these ones extra special. A Malthael inspired transmog set with Malheal wings, AND a mini Maltheal pet would be perfect.
  4. Warcraft 3: Reforged: Perhaps a new skin for Arthas where he’s wearing the Lich King armor from WoW, and his horse should look exactly like the mount Invincible from WoW too.
  5. Starcraft, Hearthstone & HoTs: I don’t play these games, so yeah. :frowning:

The Blizzcon goodie bag will be on the Blizzard Gear website as usual. The goodie bag should include a couple of face masks which are decorated with Blizzard characters. These face masks should also be sold separately from the goodie bag.

Funko Pop - It would be great if you guys made a deal with the Funko company to produce a limited edition Blizzcon 2016 Bastion skin themed funko pop.

And for the closing act: Steel Panther

Why not just a Online Blizzcon, You can stream everything over the internet, Different in game panels from people’s home, Esports over the internet, indeed blizzcon demo’s, alter game styles that you can play. Even some sort of community closing on the first day, showing art, movies, music, maybee cosplay clips with some rules.

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