So, who's next to turn into a murloc pet?

Potential candidates I can think of;
Bolvar Fordragon (ofc)

Wrathion. Imagine a murloc that can transform into a dragon as the idle animation!

The Jailer, whoever that is.

Or even better, let’s get another cross over murloc pet! Murkalot and Grunty are the only murloc pets we have seen so far that are related to different Blizzard games. Imagine a Overwatch inspired murloc pet! However seeing a hero like Torbjorn as a murloc in WoW might be a little too ridiculous though…

That’s all I can really think of so far. I just hope that it is not yet another faction related reward. From 2016 - 2019 all we’ve seen for WoW are faction related rewards. It’s about time Blizzard spices things up a bit!