So...I forgot to pick my statues


I was so excited when the screen of purchasing tickets didn’t go to the “no tickets available” page and was actually able to purchase 4 tickets! Because of said excitement, I forgot to pick out my statues…FML. Now, by default, I am stuck with 4 foothold. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to change it at this point. So here I am, hoping that maybe someone out there made a mistake of buying a grunt instead of foothold or is willing to trade tickets(blizzcon support actually gave me this smart idea after being told that nothing can be done lol. Thanks!). I can trade you 1 ticket with foothold for your 1 ticket with grunt! If you want 2, we can also trade 2. I’ll even give you a heartfelt hello at the event! I hope no one else made the same mistake as I did… :frowning:


I did, many people did. I was also extremely excited and didn’t want to miss the ticket. The biggest problem is it defaulted to footmen, so everyone who did the same thing are getting footmen. I made the joke in another thread that someone at Blizzard is going to notice that footmen outsold grunts 10:1.


Unfortunately there is no way to change the statue in your ticket order. That being said if you really want to get the Orc grunt statue, you can always pre-order for one in the Blizzard Gear store.

Alternatively you may be able to find fellow community members in the common area in front of the convention center, on Thursday, October 31st looking to trade Blizzard merchandise including pins, badges, and plushies. I highly anticipate that some statues may be available for trade.


Good to know that I was not the only one! It’s bad business that they cannot do anything about it though. But of course they would tell us that if we want a grunt, we can spend an additional $45(?) after already spending almost $1k on tickets. -Sad face-

Suggestion maybe?

Next time, default should be blanked out. That way, if a person as excited as meeee ends up happy clicking “Next” it would have some sorta error that would say something like “please complete required fields(s) *”

You know, like all other websites out there lol


Hey, I got 2 Grunts by mistake! I can’t trade tickets as mine is a Portal pass but we could maybe arrange a trade at BlizzCon?


You’re a dream come true! Let’s do that! If you can add me on btag Raineydaze#11777 so we can exchange info before event! Thanks again!


I’ve added you :slight_smile:


I selected 2 grunts as well… I’m down to trade one for a footman as well.