Shadowlands (wow) Collectors Edition BOX?

Do we have any information on when pre orders will start for the physical box set? I may have missed the announcement, but can’t find anything online about it.

(in USA)

Is there a physical version coming? I haven’t seen anything on it. I hope there is, especially because this colour scheme will look sweet on the box, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick to digital only, given that the physical CE seems
To never sell out anymore.

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They normally start with the digital pre-orders. Physical copies will probably be available closer to release of the expansion.

In the past, if you’ve ordered the digital copy in order to get a jump on the in game goodies or other early perks, they’ll credit you the cost of the digital standard edition in the way of Blizzard balance when you enter the code for the physical edition.

Not saying that’s what they’ll do this time, but it’s what they have done in the past.

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No info yet… but with 3 digital versions, I wonder how much the physical is going to be.

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Taking the time cause gotta get the included bwonsamdi statue just right…please

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I am hoping that they do release a box set would love to have the box would look just amazing