Sadly, VT was not worth the money this year

Blizzcon 2017: We got cool WoW mounts
Blizzcon 2018: We were able to try classic

Blizzcon 2019:

  • The most interesting panels were free for all viewers
  • Less content to watch, no small videos before Blizzcon, afaik less All Access videos (no convention tour)
  • Art- and sound-design panels were mostly the same to recent years
  • The in-game goodie highlight was just a yeti costume transmog
  • No games tor try out, besides WC3R beta, which I already have access to and it does not run anyway for some reason

Blizzcon 2020+:
Amount and quality of the streaming/video content is actually not the main issue, important is the experience around it:

  • Streaming technology for gaming is becoming mainstream. Virtual ticket viewers should be able to play all the game demos from Blizzcon at home.
  • A new Blizzcon WoW mount at least every few years would be nice.
  • Since forum questions are mostly ignored in the Q&A, the WoW team could always answer submitted questions after Blizzcon. While questions submitted via a VT Q&A form should get some sort of preference.
  • In therms of content, I would have liked more game design panels (e.g. WoW Level squish/revamp)

And the length of the panels was also wrong. Taking WoW as an example, here something I pointed out in a different thread that was closed because reasons:

What was expanded upon (to any degree) during the Deep Dive of what was said during the What’s Next:

  • Covenants (covenant skill, soulbind and conduits, covenant weapons, armors and cloaks, open world benefits: Build-a-bom)
  • The Maw and its base mechanics
  • Torghast and its mechanics
  • New leveling system
  • Class identity (skills coming back)

What was mentioned during the Deep Dive (which left us with more questions than answers):

  • Upgradable mounts: What does upgradable mean?
  • Sanctums will be similar to class halls: will there be mission tables? Will there be followers? Those supposed followers will be the ones we soulbind with?
  • Build your own leggo
  • Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination (the one reference, after a lot of extrapolation, to Bolvar’s current state. Do we have to reforge the helm? Get a new one? Superglue it?)
  • It was mentioned with no explanation whatsoever that DKs and DHs will have the same starting zone as other characters. Are we meant to grasp from it that they will start as lvl 1 characters, now? So what about a Vulpera DK: Lvl 10 for being Vulpera, lvl 1 because of this new system, or lvl 22 or so for its previous lvl 55 start

What was left out entirely:

  • EIGHT dungeons
  • One RAID
  • The main hub
  • Professions
  • Weekly chest
  • Every race being able to turn into DKs
  • Scourge invasion (pre-launch event)
  • Bolvar
  • Player agency
  • Character customization

5 Points expanded upon. 5 points mentioned, which left me with more questions than answers. 10 points ignored

  • The Deep Dive should’ve been at least twice as long.
  • If Deep Dive is going for free, then add a 3rd panel for VT holders.
  • If there’s no extra panel for VT holder, VT should be WAY cheaper.

In the end we paid that money just to get a few in-game rewards that in most cases were not that worthy of the money, and the art panels were the director didn’t show what the artists were doing

By the way, some feedback on your ideas

Games streaming and BlizzCon demos are actually a match made in heaven! They don’t need to allow unfinished code for upcoming content out into the public and those of us who can’t join them in Anaheim every year can still enjoy a fuller BlizzCon experience. VT sales would skyrocket, though, so this needs to be handled appropriately, or their servers would collapse. Blizzard is probably the company with most experience and success on handling massive amount of people connecting the their servers at the very same time. it’s also the company most experience and success on effing this up every time a WoW xpack goes live. Get away from WoD launch and embrace Legion’s (which’s been the best so far to my recollection)

Yes, please!

That should always have been this way. VT holders are virtual attendants. Same way attendants do get priority in questioning (they have just to line up), virtual tickets holders, during the stream in question, should have access to a “submit your question” form.

  • We had a dungeon designed live for BfA launch, and that was awesome. That kind of content, at least with concept, should remain a fix spot for at least one game every year (design a dungeon, design a character, design a boss, design a map, whatever)
  • In-depth panels should cover at least every point for the What’s Next panel (as I already explained in detail), so they should be longer or more than one
  • If free access is given to every panel on the Mythic Stage, the deep-dives should not be held there. Or even a better idea: Make every What’s Next Free, no matter the stage. Make every Voices of… free, no matter the stage. Make some of the Art panels free (and hire a competent director for them), no matter the stage. Leave the in-depth/deep-dive/explained/features panels, no matter the stage, for VT holders

Basically, leave something in there that makes it worth paying for it. Every important announcement and details on every upcoming game were free this year, so those of us who paid fell a little, for lack of a better word, scammed.

Just a PR idea, and I know I’m in the receiving end, so it might sound unobjective, but release some kind of official acknowledgement on this, make it big and make it public. Either a blog post with ideas on how to handle this for BC2020 (which should be also sent to youtubers/streamers, sites like wowhead or mmo, etc); even easier, add some little extra in-game goodie for VT holders as an apology (a cosmetic piece of gear/pet for WoW, a pet for D3, a portrait/portrait border for SC, a free voucher for one mount/hero of choice for HotS, a Legendary Lootbox for OW, an “Oops” cardback for HS); a virtual copy of a Blizzard book; an email with a piece of art and an apology; or whatever you might think of. I think I gave you several decent ideas at least

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