RIP Starcraft 2

Its really sad to see a great game gain more players in the end of its life progressively year to year, and retain a very committed fan base, just to abandon the game and bascially not mention it in Blizzcon. RIP Starcraft 2 we still love you even if you company doesn’t give one crap about you or the fans.

currently the only decent love they could give to StarCraft is refining the cinematics of the Remastered.

Diablo II Rsurrected was promised a total remake of all cinematics, a job that wasn’t done for SC Remastered and ruins visual continuity a lot.One moment you play with Jim Raynor, and when you complete the mission you find the graphics of Buzz Lightyear from Toystory 1 in his animation tests.

Do we want to give love to Starcraft? So don’t give us any stupid icons, get him further involved in this “revival” operation by finishing the job.

StarCraft II is still great. They changed nothing. They also never changed anything in StarCraft since it was release. WarCraft 3 never got new content after it was released. So why do oyu want new content for StarCraft 2? The fanbase of starcraft likes starcraft because it never changes. You are just used to riot games now who make bad games which changes every month. Thats not a game i want to play

We, the community, have the tools that were released at closing during Q4 last year. The tools that can enable us to make the content and keep it alive. We would have the responsibility now to keep it going, which quite frankly is not that hard to do if we really want to keep SC2 alive. They didn’t say it, but they did. SC2 is ONLY dead if we say it is, and do nothing to change that.
It will only be sad if we move forward and let it fade to memory.

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