Relax on your policys for 2020

Just wanted to say for 2020, please relax on the con policys…

I get it Blizzard wants to make money on selling “Virtual Tickets” heck I bought the 2019 virtual ticket, and truthfully I was disappointed at the quality of the con’s “Camera Angles”, Lack of Coverage, and Photography…

Yet I look on YouTube, and I see fans who attend Blizzcon getting their own videos such as these below, they get up close, and they are amazing.


(Kevin The Director)


But getting to the point Blizzard due to wanting to make (Ticket Sales) Restricts the Camera Equipment a person can bring with them to the local con, allow me to give a few examples based off the rules, and break them down.

  • Can’t bring Cameras with permament lenses longer t han 6 inches, I assume this is to restrict people from bringing really big camcorders, or studio cameras.

  • But restricting Go-Pro, or Action Cameras is stupid, when I attend my local con’s I usually just wear it on a harness, doesn’t get in anyone’s way, and because I buy VIP, and sit up front row it’s easy to get good video of the Cosplay Contests, or mini slow-mo’s cosplayers may want to do without ever having to touch the camera itself.

  • I understand why Tripods are restricted, though Mini Hand-held tripods less than a certain inch length should be allowed.

  • Personal Equipment may not be connected to any computer at BlizzCon for any reason at any time, isn’t specific if that includes a persons (Laptop), or (Raspberry Pi) Which can be used to store data and fit inside a (Womans Purse run off an 18650 battery pack and actually better than a LapTop lol.

  • Restrictions on Camera Lens, is a bit insane, Doing photography I can pack (Heavy) or (Light) basically I can pack my (DSLR) and put the 24mm lens, and 50MM in a fanny pack which gets in no one’s way, as well as carry a 300 all in the same little pack.

So basically the only way to skit around these rules…

  • Carry a very expensive Camera Lens that goes from like 28-300 (Only costs about 2 Grand.) - Since it’s not a perm camera lens it follows those rules.

  • Attach your cellphone on top of your DSLR for video recording, because they do the same thing that a Go-Pro does without the stabalization.

  • Instead of a LapTop, carry a Raspberry Pi, spare battery packs and SD cards.

Blizzard I get you wan’t to make profit off Virtual Ticket sales, and your afraid people are going to live Stream / Boot-Leg the content, but at the same time if your going to have so many restrictions…

Then please for 2020 invest in some better photography, and Video for those who actually buy the ticket paying $50 or more per virtual ticket which was awful, heck truth is if I streamed my local cons that don’t have such rules and charged $50 with really good camera angles i’d be making at least 5 grand off of just 100 ticket sales enough to upgrade all my equipment to more professional stuff and do even better.

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