Possible we can get a Guide to Parking?


Is parking different this year? I’ve always parked at the Convention Center parking lot for a secure place nearby to put my obtained items without having to walk a mile to my hotel and back every time.

Is nearby parking available for all attendees? Or just Portal/Benefit Pass Holders?

Can we get an official guide to parking?


The travel page map shows the available parking lots, and it indicates that “preferred parking” will be available as advertised for the higher-tiered badge holders.

Hopefully Blizzard will give more specifics in the coming months, but I highly doubt that general admission pass holders won’t get some parking by the convention center.


I am maintaining an unofficial map as I collect data about BlizzCon in the months to come. This shows most parking structures short of the Garden Parking structure (which is a small walk from the convention center). However the status of each lot is unknown.