Pokémon Go Meet-up's

Are there any Pokémon Go Meet-up’s planned? I’m local to the California area and would like to trade regionals.
I have a lot of Tauros (NA regional) and need just about everything that spawns outside the U.S.
I can stock up on Seviper and Illumise (or others by request) you’re from an area that has Zangoose and Volbeat instead.


I don’t know of any planned, but this is for sure a good place to ping. I’d bump this topic in October as more people will be active on the forums the month before Blizzcon. In the meantime, I’d also ping the Blizzcon 2018 Facebook group. I’m sure there are plenty that would like to trade and BCon has plenty of great opportunities to meet up and do so :slight_smile:

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If you’re on Twitter, I have a list of people who are interested. Someone has a lot of Mr. Mimes.

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Im coming from the UK so I have a hell of alot of MR Mimes. Ill be happy to trade anyone at the Event

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Hi, please add me, my trainer code is 5566 0562 7346, Sueleeahn. I’m looking for regionals outside the U.S. Thanks!

Heading over from Australia, happy to trade some Kangas to those in need

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My son is going to BlizzCon and will have my pokemon go account with him. I am looking for an ! unown. I have torkoals, heracross, corsola, and unowns ?, C, E, L, B and I. I also have some shinies. If you have an ! to trade, please add me 0065 3209 9903. Thanks!

I’ve collected a bunch of Heracross and corsola for trading now, looking for some of the other regionals (relicanth, tropius, pachirisu, chatot, carnivine)

Yeah hit me up too! I’ll be coming in on Friday too~
Trainer Code: 4460 7788 7537 (SirSqueezy)

Please put your PoGo name on this thread so I know who added me! Thanks!

I would be interested too…

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I’m also interested!

I’m intrested.

Coming over from England, have a couple of Mr Mimes to trade.

Trainer Code: 5377 3953 2378 (Kelsair)

Kelsair I added you already, but any chance you could add me on discord I have some questions?

Also anyone else that wishes to do some distance trading would be cool to add me as well.

Discord: Rational#7375

I need Mr Mime, Heracross, Corsola, Relicanth and Torkoal.

Hi there, I’m coming from the UK (Scotland) and would love to trade regionals. Can bring Mr Mime, Volbeat, Zangoose, Mespirit and Pansear. Add me and let’s start leveling up our friendship!
5689 9969 5062 (Ceransan)
Discord: Ceran#3914

Hi! Going from Spain with a bunch of Mr.Mimes, Pansear, Zangose, Tropius (2), Volbeat.

I need most of the other regionals but my most wanted is Farfetch’d.

My code is 9216 2414 0448 please feel comfortable adding me :wink:

Hey there… I have a lot of Tauros and would love to trade regionals if anyone happens to have some extras!
Trainer code:
6907 6065 8798