Play on the platform we choose?

My disappointment is for the lack of Support for Mac.

So far every “new” game even tho they brag about playing on the platform YOU choose they all say “Not available on macOS”

Why has this been the mindset ever since Overwatch.
If you can run these on Switch, PS and Xbox can’t you do a port for your long term fans that have been playing on Mac for SO MANY YEARS.

I know there are the trolls who push their passive aggressive hate on Mac users which is silly. We all just want to play great games on the platform we have and not have to worry about will my device still be supported for the new game. Side note my heart goes out to those Lynx users who can’t play yet I feel that’s how these games are started.

This is very disheartening because Blizzard used to be the goto standard for good Mac Games.


Blizzard pretty much will not be supporting mac anymore due to Mac and how they wish ALL MTX go thru them first regarding the apple store.
Since you know that pretty much all games now have some sort of MTX system, they are not looking to lose a cut from an outside platform (Apple Store). So keep it off that system and you take in all the profit; I honestly don’t blame them with that decision neither, I see where they are coming from in a business standpoint and agree.

If that was true then there would be no games on Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft.
It’s easy to stand behind something that does not affect you.
And if that is now truly their stance, Blizzard need to officially state that they will not be supporting macOS anymore.