Permanent offline modes needed


I purchased Destiny a year or so ago with the Taken King and downloaded the game to try again since Destiny 2 is now on sale again. I was hesitant because it is an online only game with singleplayer components. Publishers want online to market their crap and stay with you during your fun. Fine. The game read “Trial Only” and after selecting a destination I had to wait a very long time before I saw a response. I exited and deleted the game. It shouldn’t be online only and any game with a singleplayer mode should have a PERMANENT OFFLINE MODE. If RDR2 can do it so can Blizzard and Activision.


I could be wrong, but maybe you should be posting this on the Activision or Destiny forums? First, Blizzard probably has no interest in this because it’s not a Blizzard game. Second, this forum is for BlizzCon. Considering your post has nothing to do with the Con, i don’t think you’re going to gain a whole lot of traction