Permanent access to Blizzcon Videos for ticket owners, make it happen please

In modern times and days of cheap storage in cdn server farms and good codecs, it would be great if you wouldn’t shut down access to videos (which i can no longer store myself due to DRM) a few weeks after blizzcon ends.

We paid money, you probably store the event videos for yourself, why not alklow every virtual and real attentee to watch past events for ever as long as they paid for it?

I would even pay a little bit more on the virtual ticket if it allowed me to watch all my old blizzcons later on without fear of not getting it done or forget about it just because its summer after blizzcon.

It is your trademark, your event, your intellectual property.
So it is up to blizzard alone if stuff can remain accessible.

Please do consider it this year. Maybe switch to VP9 ,HEVC or AV1 to reduce storage costs, but don’t lock us out. :slight_smile:


I went back and watched the opening ceremonies from 2017 and 2018, along with some other VODs, to get pumped for this year. It looks like all VODs are available from those two years, but I agree that past years would be awesome!


The 2017&2018 videos became available only after purchasing a 2019 ticket for me and just right before blizzcon 2019 . That doesn’t look that good for the future because i already had purchased the 2017 and 2018 editions back in the days when they were happening.

I hope i am wrong about this though.

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Especially now that it’s all Blizzard and DirectTV is no longer involved.

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Looks like just bitmovin for the player software and akamai as the cdn running.