Online Shop.... Help Please!

First off, I don’t know if this is the proper place to post my issue, but I don’t know where I should be posting. If anyone has advice on the best place to post my issue, please let me know.

So here is my situation:

In late November, I decided to purchase the Overwatch D.Va collector’s statue for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. I used the online ‘Fanatics’ Blizzard Gear store to make the purchase and had the item shipped to her directly (She currently is living a couple states away). The gift was intended to be a surprise.

Around December 10th, she received the delivery, however I was unaware that the outside of the packaging included a description of the contents. I assumed my Christmas surprise was spoiled since she already knew what it was, but she explained to me that it said ‘Sylvanas Collectors Statue’ on the outside of the box. Confused, I explained that wasn’t what I ordered and that maybe the description is not an accurate portrayal of what is inside the box. Since I realized my Christmas surprise may not have been ruined after all, I had my gf’s mom open the box to see if the correct D.Va statue was inside, but alas it was Sylvanas.

As a result, I used the online Blizzard gear customer support and also called explaining that I received the incorrect item. The representatives explained that they would email a return label for me to send back Sylvanas and D.Va would be mailed correctly, and in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately, the emailed return label has the correct item (D.Va statue) near the barcode and because I have to forward the email to my girlfriend so she can print it up and put it on the Sylvanas box, the surprise has been basically ruined. I wanted to see her open up the gift over Skype and see her reaction, but oh well, at least the gift will arrive before Christmas.

Well, Christmas Eve arrives and the new package came, but my gf tells me that it says Sylvanas on the outside of the box again. I have her open it to confirm, and yes, they once again sent Sylvanas instead of D.Va.

I tried calling on Christmas Eve, but the customer support was closed until today (December 26th). I called today, spent about 45 minutes on hold until I got to speak to a representative, I explained that twice now I’ve had the incorrect item be delivered as a gift and that I’m looking to get the correct item delivered. The representative put me on hold for a few minutes and explained that the issue must be with the ‘IT’ department and that it will take a few days to get an emailed response but I would be issued a full refund once they get the Sylvanas statue back. I then told the representative I did not want a refund for my purchase, I want the correct item delivered. She put me on hold again and after a few minutes, I got hung up on.

I’m so frustrated… and I’m sure my girlfriend is frustrated too, she is having to print up labels and make deliveries to the post office which is a good 20 minutes drive from where she lives…

I’m looking for any help or someway to get my issue fixed, I liked the old blizzard online shop, the new one has caused me so much time…

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