New Classe idea for Diablo IV

Hi diablo fellas,

I was thinking of what could be the next Classes, and i was wondering if what i was thinking could be possible or if the community would like the idea!

So, seeing the fact that the barbarian as 4 weapons and has this set of weapons for certain skills is really a great idea , but i think we should see this sort of idea on other classes. (but maybe they want to keep that exclusive to barbarian and thats fine).

I was thinking, and maybe it’s not how they see the game for ranged classes, but first, we are currently missing a physical ranged dps classe, so im pretty sure that a classe like demon hunter or some sort of bow/quiver / double crossboy will be available at lunch. Furthermore, they should have a solo classe where they can do big dmg to one target, like a assassin/dagger user. But, for my opinion, ranged classe can be boring sometimes and in diablo, only a solo dps isn’t really fitting in the game since we always attacking enormous pacts of monster! (except for bosses or world bosses now)

that’s why, maybe create a classe of some sort of a rogue/archer/assassin, where you have 4 weapons slot like the barbarian (ex : slot1: bow/crossbow (2h), slot 2 : quiver, slot 3 and 4 , 1h weapon like daggers/swords ). So the classe is like more of a asssasin with a kit of killing weapons that you can go in and then back up. For example, you could go in, use melee skills with the daggers as requirement to be able to use it that could : bleed/poison monsters/more movement skills/focus on one monster skills… anyway something in that kind of gameplay. But, then you could back-up, switch to ranged mode, and start doing big AOE dps since you are ranged, but with your movement reduced (no skills that teleport or dodge like skill since your melee mode has that artillery). And, then they create some sort of synergy between the 2 mode. I think it could potentialy create a really fun classe! (or not xD…)

hope i see some feedback/discussion about it! if someone did point that out my idea before, sorry…

(again, sorry for bad english)


they are certain to bring necromancer and amazon, just as d2, I’m sure boys))

Something new please, not a rehash of the same old stuff.

No thank you, this is 2020 not 2000.

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