Mythic Stage ist free to watch. Honestly?

Hi. I bought the virtual ticket. And now I read that everyone can watch the Mythic Stage for “free”. That’s a slap in the face for me as a VT-Owner. Especially the Mythic Stage Stream is the most important of them all. So its possible to get my Money/Gold back? Or geht the VT-Owners something Special, beside the Ingame Gimmicks? (That i dont need) 50 Bucks to watch Saturday-Stream is really not worth the Money. Just my 2 Cents.


If you’d like to request a refund for your Virtual Ticket purchase, you may submit a ticket on our support website.

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Thanks for your answer.
I will do it that way.

The removal of the virtual ticket merchandise shop is just as big a slap to the face. I’ve gotten t-shirts every year since they started the ticket and at the 4 conventions I attended before that.


Its not just the mythic stage that is free. ATM I can access Mythic, WORLD OF WARCRAFT TOURNAMENT STAGE, HEARTHSTONE TOURNAMENT STAGE and STARCRAFT II ESPORTS all without logging in. The only thing asking for a VT atm is the warcraft audio panel.

@kalviery can you confirm if this is accurate and will the community night and closing entertainment also be free?

From what they announced a few weeks back it’s just the 4 coming soon panels that were added today that are extra free. Esports and opening ceremony has been free for years.

The virtual ticket definitely continues to get less and less appealing each year, we need more exclusive stuff, not less

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They should add the virtual ticket only to panels so people can see what is free and what is not.


Um… The esports streams have always been free for everyone. They broadcast them on Twitch too.


Um… The esports streams have always been free for everyone. They broadcast them on Twitch too.

Well this is just not true, and I refer to the always statement. Virtual tickets were introduced in 2009, blizzard only teamed up with twitch at the end of 2017 so blizzcon 2018 would have been the first opportunity for blizzard to stream these events on twitch. In 2009, only the opening ceremony was free on the blizzcon site, everything else including the wow arena required the VT.

But either way that is not the point. The main point is the price of the VT has increased. We have more E-Sports (which is now all free) and less panel’s, and the only interesting pannels (i.e. whats next) was also free. So we have paid £40 for 5-10% content, which is all now on youtube anyway.

This just feels wrong. I’m not against making content free, but this was not made clear on the VT that we where paying to access only a small amount of content.

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I’ll definitely be leaving my purchase to last minute next year in case they pull stuff like this again though. With how much it costs, and the ticket going on sale after the event as it did last year, then what is the point when the important stuff is free anyway now, while the paid content has problems like the horrible camerawork


To be fair, as long as they’ve been broadcasting esports as part of Blizzcon it has always been free. You can even watch them on twitch.

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Wrong. They have been broadcasting the SC2 WCS Global Finals on Twitch since 2015, and I’m pretty sure that before that they still broadcast them for free through their own channels, although making it part of the VT in the earliest years of it wouldn’t surprise me (although it was literally only one stream back then). Either way, do some fact-checking before you make your faulty assertions.

And, since you want to split hairs, this is not true either. There’s actually less esports this year with HotS completely removed and others sharing stages more and having less dedicated time per game at the actual event. Also, which panels are “interesting” to people is pretty subjective.

True, but you have to concede that the What’s Next panels are among the most interesting. You could say the Deep Dive is even more important, sure, but for example, if I had only watched this year’s WoW Deep Dive, there would be a ton of stuff I wouldn’t have got to know since, while glancing over, the What’s Next panel showcased everything that was presented on the Deep Dive, and other stuff as well.

For this to work, and if What’s Next panels continue to be free, Deep Dive panels should be longer and should at least name everything that was presented on the What’s Next panel. Again, I got half of a Deep Dive this year, since half of what was mentioned during the What’s Next was not touched upon during the Deep Dive, so while the dive was in fact deep, more than half the content wasn’t there to begin with.

EDIT: What was expanded upon (to any degree) during the Deep Dive:

  • Covenants (covenant skill, soulbind and conduits, covenant weapons, armors and cloaks, open world benefits: Build-a-bom)
  • The Maw and its base mechanics
  • Torghast and its mechanics
  • New leveling system
  • Class identity (skills coming back)

What was mentioned:

  • Upgradable mounts: What does upgradable mean?
  • Sanctums will be similar to class halls: will there be mission tables? Will there be followers? Those supposed followers will be the ones we soulbind with?
  • Build your own leggo
  • Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination (the one reference, after a lot of extrapolation, to Bolvar’s current state. Do we have to reforge the helm? Get a new one? Superglue it?)
  • It was mentioned with no explanation whatsoever that DKs and DHs will have the same starting zone as other characters. Are we meant to grasp from it that they will start as lvl 1 characters, now? So what about a Vulpera DK: Lvl 10 for being Vulpera, lvl 1 because of this new system, or lvl 22 or so for its previous lvl 55 start

What was left out:

  • EIGHT dungeons
  • One RAID
  • The main hub
  • Professions
  • Weekly chest
  • Every race being able to turn into DKs
  • Scourge invasion (pre-launch event)
  • Bolvar
  • Player agency
  • Character customization

5 Points expanded upon. 5 points mentioned, which left me with more questions than answers. 10 points ignored

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The deep dive was pretty shallow. Too many time restraints. The what’s next mentioned a lot more but didn’t go much into it, the deep dive covered less but more details on it. Should’ve been 2 hours

Just edited adding everything (as far as I can recall) that was expanded, mentioned and left out. I have a few notes, because I was doing a simultaneous written translation of Ion for my guildies.

Feel like I paid $50 for two pets and a pair of wings for Diablo…


Btw, being told to go get a refund is not what we are looking for from blues, but an acknowledgement of things mishandled, and to know how these things will be handled in the future.


Btw, being told to go get a refund is not what we are looking for from blues

To be fair, that WAS literally what the OP asked for in their post

So its possible to get my Money/Gold back?

And then he continued

Kalviery’s answer didn’t address the problem (“I bought the virtual ticket. And now I read that everyone can watch the Mythic Stage for “free”. That’s a slap in the face for me as a VT-Owner”), just took the short route to a “solution” that is not such