My first ever blizzcon

Hi All

Yes! I’m going to Blizzcon in November for the very first time. Hoping to meet new people and make some friends along the way.

Are there any pre Blizzcon meetups?


First BlizzCon aswell :smiley: There are some pro meetups before the BlizzCon, if you need more informations add me on BattleNet ^^ Diarkös#2733

And i know how to get your tickets in your AXS App ^^

add me if you want i have been to a few blizzcons always looking for new friends.


feel free to add me its my first time to


Coming from Switzerland :wink:


My first one as well, you can add me :slight_smile:


Hey guys! My bf and I are going to Blizzcon for the first time. So excited! Would love to meet new people, add me Kaska#11290

Looking for some new friends too

Heyo! This is my first Blizzcon as well!


hi, its my first blizz too add me. zerlad#2957

Ditto on BlizzCon! My bnet is Avelaandi#1279.