My Extra Ticket Holder Flaked Out


So yeah the person who agreed to go to Blizzcon with me has flaked out on going with me. I’m attempting to find someone else.

I was just wondering if I can’t find another, do you guys know how easy it is to sell the Blizzcon tickets to just get your money back?


Selling a ticket for face value is a pretty easy, especially since people are used to having to pay inflated scalper prices.

A few years ago I had a friend who had to back out because he had to repair his car. As soon as I picked up the ticket, I put a post on reddit that I was selling the ticket for face value, and I had a buyer within a couple of minutes.


You can also check out the “Blizznerds” Facebook group. They have an organized ticket Buy/Sell list where the admins facilitate connecting a buyer and seller.


Also sell the ticket on axs for the break even value for yourself. Remember axs resale will cost you 22% of the cost so adjust pricr accordingly.


Pretty easy to sell your tickets. There’s a Facebook group you can sell them in but please post that you intended to go so you’re not seen as a scalper.


Consider using or directly sell through the AXS app.