Missing vods from Blizzcon

I would like to know, why staff at Blizz, second (or maybe third?) year in a row fails to upload vods of tournaments for virtual ticket holders?
One semifinal of SC is missing. Grand final is posted twice though, super awesome.
Whole group phase of overwatch is missing (there is only some crappy highlits feed jumpingbetween matches, though it clearly shows each of them was with commentary)
Don’t know what is missing from other games, but I’m 100% sure it goes with same quality of service.

My question is - when will it be posted?
We, the VT holders were promissed some level of service. We paid for said level. It was not delivered.

Hi Kubadro,

Could you elaborate? I understand you’re looking for a VOD of the semifinals for the WCS and perhaps there is some confusion. It looks like you’re searching for multiple VODs for the semifinals but it looks like there is just 1 VOD containing both semifinal matches.

WCS Semifinals: Serral vs Reynor - Classic v Dark

If I’m misunderstanding what you’re looking for, I apologize in advance.

Ok, so I got from work today, and I confirm, there is in fact vod of 2 semifinals in one video. I’m 99% sure it was not there at the time of writing, although it might have been an issue of just refreshing the page. Can not say at this moment.
Apologies for my agitated attitude.

Now I’m missing some Overwatch VODs
-all whole matches of group stage (only highlits are present, with alot of studio talk)
-2 quaterfinals (France-Netherland and South Korea-Denmark are present, the other two, USA-? and China-? are missing)