Live stream is buffering and choppy

My internet and computer is fine but there is too much buffering with these videos. Waste of 65 dollars.



What have you tried to troubleshoot this so far, and have you followed the steps here yet? Most viewers so far don’t seem to be having issues, so I’m trying to find commonalities for the few of you who do right now.

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I found I had problems watching it in blizzard launcher

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I also suffered through this, with endless buffering, no video, or the extremely obnoxious “Something went wrong, try reloading.”

Reseted my modem, flushed DNS, changed browser, renew IP lease, etc, etc, etc., and it continues to happen now with the stored videos after the Con is over, so GREAT JOB!

Same here on the buffering and reload issues both on PC and it managed to crash my FireTV…sigh. I’m a technician so I know that things on my end were shiny.

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Thanks for reminding me it also happened to me with my mobile and tablet! (no to mention the absurd amount of data it burnt through)

Trying to watch some vods right now and no matter how low I set the quality it buffers constantly.

Doesn’t happen with the all-access interviews or the recap videos, only the panel vods.

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