Joining us at Blizzcon? Consider helping fund some awesome parties! With Ditchcon now!


Edit time! Con before the Storm is fully funded! Now we also have one more big party we are going to try to fund and that is ditchcon!

Brought to you by pwncast we have our earliest huge party for the blizzcon crowd. That is Ditchcon.

Have you ever been in a group of friends and suddenly they have disappeared? Felt like you got ditched? Then come to the ditch free party with this year beign a special theme! Villains Ball! Check out the teaser video in the link below and please consider helping us out with an awesome party by backing this one too!

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We already have 4 backers with nearly 600 bucks in just a few minutes! Can you guys help out?

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Every year at blizzcon we have several community funded parties that get put on because of the people who donate to have them done. This year is no different.

I would ask that if you are coming out this year or even if you want to help out and get some swag delivered to you that you consider throwing a couple bucks at the below parties!

First up is Con Before the Storm powered by Wowhead! This year CBTS and Wowhead are joining forces to bring us one combined super party. No competing this year of where you have to spend your time especially with the new portal pass. The entry fee for CBTS is totally free, but you can get some awesome swag by donating to the kickstarter. We have 28k+ already pledged to it and are a couple hundred from the next stretch goal. The more we raise the more we put poor Ceraphus through the ringer on coming up with new ones!

The link for the kickstarter is - https://www.kick

As mentioned even if you dont donate its still free to enter. Swing by and look at the art, get your photo taken in the booth, geek out at the meet and greet and see some awesome vendors.

The next party is hosted by Blizznerds. This is put on by the events team of the blizznerds facebook group (https://www.fa and is also a fun time. This year instead of competing for stuff on friday it is being put on friday so if you dont want to joint he madness of the DJ/party at the hilton lobby then you could at least escape to a bit of a smaller party. Tickets for this party range from free to $100 depending on if you want to just come in and check it out, or if you want some cool swag. If youd like to donate to their party outside of the ticket price and get some additional cool rewards they have that too!

Tickets can be purchased at - https://www.u and the donation/gofundme for the party is - https://www.gofun

The last party hasnt been officially announced yet, but itll be coming as well! It will be ditchcon which has become a staple of the early crowd to blizzcon as a wednesday evening party! Kickstarter and ticket sales will be added once they get announced but Belle and the pwncast team do a great job each year they do it and they are working hard to get this year’s announcement ready!

Blizzcon 2019 from a community standpoint is already shaping up to be a great time so even if you dont get the ticket type you want, or the announcement you want, dont let it get you down! join us and party daily!

I broke up the links so you cannot directly click them, so just google them if you are hestitant to copy and paste.


Can confirm this party is totally worth it. I’ve gone almost every year I’ve been to Blizzcon, and it’s so fun and the camaraderie is amazing!


Thanks for the information on these parties and ways to help fund them! I just backed Con Before the Storm on Kickstarter and am going to check out the others, too.


Amazing, thank you so much for this information! Looking forward to seeing everyone there :slight_smile:



So we are less than 45 hours to go for Con Before the Storm funding is locked! We still have some awesome art tiers available on there (8) and with one of the stretch goals being unlocked to add more art, itll be a great time to back that tier and get something really cool! We also got all these other cool stretch goals met!

Also Ditchcon is going to have its kickstarter go live verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy soon!


Thanks so much for the info! Had no idea about these but definitely are looking forward to attending some as this is my first BC.


Bump for Ditchcon info!


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BUMP again!

Ditchcon really needs your help to go off! Please consider helping us fund this last party to get funded this year (and the first to begin as its wednesday). The rewards for the kickstarter are pretty cool and the party atmosphere is great!