Is it possible to change a statue?


I know the website says that you needed to choose the statue when you bought the ticket and it can’t be changed. I was working when they went on sale the first time so my fiancee was the one who bought the tickets and in his excitement/shock/rush he selected two human footmen. Is there anyway I can get one of them changed to an orc grunt?

edited because I wasn’t sure if asking for a trade is against forum guidelines


Unfortunately there is no way to change the statue in your ticket order. That being said if you really want to get the Orc grunt statue, you can always pre-order for one in the Blizzard Gear store.

Alternatively you may be able to find fellow community members in the common area in front of the convention center, on Thursday, October 31st looking to trade Blizzard merchandise including pins, badges, and plushies. I highly anticipate that some statues may be available for trade.


That’s what I’ve been reading. Oh well, it was our mistake and I wasn’t clear to him that we couldn’t change it. I’m just glad we’re able to go! That’s the important part.

Maybe Blizz will offer a chance to change our choices in the coming weeks as it seems to be a common issue. If not I’ll likely pre-order a grunt and see if any guildies who didn’t go want the extra footman.


I selected 2 grunts by mistake, if you’d like Id be down to trade one for a footman at BlizzCon