I'm surprised/disappointed there wasn't a new Cute but Deadly series of blind boxes this year

Maybe it’s because of the trend toward selling specific heroes to avoid RNG or that it potentially steps on the toes of the Funko figurines or even that designing + creating molds for the various figurines becomes cost prohibitive, but it disappoints me that we didn’t get a new series this year.

It feels like there are still a lot of characters from the franchises that would be well-received and popular (e.g. Whitemane, Artanis, current-look Jaina & Thrall, zappyboi, etc.) or even a chance to have the OW2 versions be featured as an early promotion. Hell, they could’ve had the Nephalem (playable classes) from D3, who seem to be sorely underutilized in terms of merchandise.

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I agree with you there. I was disappointed too! I always enjoy collecting them and getting them all. I hope they do a new series soon!