I didn 't get Blizzcon gifts. Technical support is silent

I couldn 't get the presents. For the third day, technical support has not responded to the request. Leaving the game and the client does not yield a result. The ticket was bought before the exhibition began. I was able to watch the broadcast but didn 't get wings in Diablo and shirt cards in Hearthstone.

Я не смог получить подарки. Уже третий день техническая поддержка не отвечает на запрос. Выход из игры и клиента не дает результата. Билет был куплен до начала выставки. Я смог посмотреть трансляцию но не получил крылья в Diablo и рубашку карт в Hearthstone.

The Hearthstone items were just added yesterday after the latest patch. Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed and also make sure that you are logging in with the same Blizzard account that has the Virtual Ticket.

The Diablo 3 wings have not yet been added, but will be added before the end of the year.


Thanks! I got my hearthstone presents in the afternoon. And also thank you for your information about the wings.


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