HUGE letdown... What is this


I have been a fan of Blizzard since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. I have played each of their titles. The first Diablo got me into PC gaming and it still remains one of my most beloved gaming experiences.

I am very sad to see Blizzard go the same way EA is going. I started boycotting EA by not buying anymore of their games… and I will do the same for Blizzard if this mobile game is what the company has been working on for the Diablo universe. You really think your customers are stupid.

It is a sad day.


Worst Blizzcon ever :-/ so disappointed.
Absolutely nothing.


Well they said multiple projects/multiple teams at the beginning of the Q&A. I just wish they would have thrown us a bone.I get they can’t just announce something that hasn’t been approved, but maybe a hint, or just telling us we’re gonna get what we’re hoping for. Hoping for some kind of Teaser trailer here soon. They should have taken a hint from Bethesda I mean they announced a mobile game, and followed up with just a teaser trailer, and people didn’t flip out they got excited. I get a teaser might overshadow the mobile game, but it would have been better then this disaster. Hopefully it was just poor planning, and marketing on their end, and the dev teams we put so much faith in, and who are the real stars of the company have something up their sleeve.

Still extremely let down though :frowning:


Do you know how we feel right now? We feel like Tal Rasha and the pain he felt when trying to contain Baal’s soul.
We are screaming like he did… the pain oh the pain… remove the soulstone (remove the diablo immortal from your plans)

You are like baal that fooled that man to keep the soul stone and then when he trusted you that you are tyrael the angel. You killed him like a bug… that is how we feel…Crushed and disapointed…


used to hold blizzard so high. thanks for the good times. its over after this slap in the face reveal. what a joke


Ultimately they realise that mobile games like this are big hits in the East and that seems to be what they are going for. A nice cash cow for them regardless of what the rest of the community say and want. When i look through the boards its all, diablo 4, remastered 2, or characters and/or expansions for 3. Any of those 3 options would of been great world wide but they generally though money vs effort they could get more from this mobile stuff which personally I will be skipping. With the decline of WoW and the staleness of diablo 3 and overwatch my blizz fanboyness is dying down at and increasing rate… but my steam library has boomed so there is that.


So if they announce Diablo 4 next year none of you are going to buy it?

I will probably try out the mobile game and if I like it I will continue to play it but I have yet to find a mobile game that holds my interest for more than a few days. The only mobile games that I have ever stuck with are Clash Royale and Hearthstone. I really like Hearthstone on tablet but on phone it feels to small.

But I still like Blizzard and after reading several articles where they have confirmed that Diablo 4 is definitely still being made I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Every other big game company is trying to get into the mobile market. Its the future, especially if you look at the fact that most kids these days will have access to a phone or a tablet way more than they will have access to a gaming pc. Look at Bethesda, they announced an elder scrolls game for mobile.

so far one of the best mobile games out there right now is a Blizzard game. Hearthstone was a great entry game for Blizzard into the mobile market and it was very successful, why wouldn’t they try to make more mobile games?

That being said I really do think it would be better if they made the game cross platform for mobile, PC and Console. It would probably work great on the Switch


Being a huge supporter of Blizzard since the very early years. This years Blizzcon and other conventions have been a huge let down. I am glad I did not spend the money to travel there and can’t say I will moving forward. As mentioned a “copy / paste” mobile game is not something worthy of a Blizzcon announcement. Neither is a WOW Classic reboot/retouch.

I first started getting the feeling of how Blizzard truly feels about the Diablo franchise when I saw the release trailer for Diablo III Reaper of Souls playing at PAX East 2018. Four years have passed since it released and year after year I kept hoping that something would be announced to bring life back into the Diablo franchise . Yet year after year it just gets worse. I remember watching the announcement of Diablo III at Blizzcon. Then I remember seeing an Auction House being added into the game. Instantly knowing this was going to destroy the game. Which it did - from their it never recovered. No attention from Blizzard to revitalize the fan base. Well slightly with the Diablo III Expansion.

I hate to say this but Blizzard is certainly not the company it once was when they cared for EACH of their franchises in the same manner. Now it seems only the big E-Sports hitters get the love. Overwatch, HoTS, Starcraft, WOW, Hearthstone.

I know a lot of development and time and heart and soul go into developing a game and I know Blizzard is good at only releasing what they feel is worthy… This mobile game does not feel worthy in any way. I would of hoped for ANY kind of real announcement that gave the fans something to look forward to but it may be too late.

Rant over - just sad.


i don’t want to waste my battery life on my phone dammit BLIZZARD!


Every Year I’ve wished I could afford to go to blizzcon, sure getting in the door isn’t so hard but flying to cali then renting a place to stay adds up.

This is the first year where I’m Like ok I didn’t miss anything and I don’t need to worry about future blizzcons because this seems to be the way blizz wants to to :frowning:

Also I have a Coffee machine ! it even has a screen :open_mouth: but that doesn’t mean I want to play games on it :frowning:


I m from brazil, is a bad ideia making this with US players of diablo! In Brazil this smartphones is expensives n sens to me Blizzard dont want to talk about us, ok! Dont talk but this question: dont have cellphone? I say: do u guys dont have a desktop? Pls do not talk poor words like that to us! Shame n i felt disapointed! Wheres D2 remast? D3 expansion? D4? Nothing, really?


Blizzard is really going downhill, they are going to become some crappy mobile devs because it makes money. Blizzard is no longer the Blizzard I used to know and love.


Blizzard, by far the most disappointing Blizzcon in history - not just because of Diablo Immortal. Let’s put aside for a moment the ridiculous Diablo Immortal decision - but what have you been doing for the last 4 years? Why has there been no legitimate content beyond Reaper of Souls? It’s gross and excessively irresponsible how much you’ve ignored Diablo community.

Now onto the next points I must convey as to why it was the most horrendous Blizzcon in history.

  • no major announcement for Overwatch - just new heroes? that’s a given and that will always be bringing more heroes - no co-op no single player significant content (overwatch done in the style of Left4Dead would be so amazing - the experience/opportunity of fleshing out characters would be incredible)
  • nothing new to hearthstone except new expansion? that happens every few months - boring - you need to implement new game modes such as “two-headed giant” or something new/interesting in that vein - AND good god the legendary drop rate for packs is horrible and such a money grab system.
  • no major starcraft announcement either.

Everything about this blizzcon was underwhelming and an embarrassment to the standards and quality I previously expected of you all - especially for warranting paying for a virtual ticket and I can’t even imagine how all our community brothers and sisters feel who actually paid money and took time off work to attend Blizzcon. A complete sham.Every single thing you announced with the exception of Warcraft III remastered was shockingly routine or a complete fiasco that is Diablo Immortal. How can you make the judgement call that handing over diablo to a foreign company to make basically a remake for an inferior platform be a good idea?


A loving Blizzard fan since Warcraft 2 days.


BUMP Please keep this feedback train a moving people - we all paid for a major let-down and they aren’t responding to us.


Any word from Blizzard responding at all? and also on why they haven’t apologized for failed Blizzcon Videos - no refunds or at least some free content in-game for WoW, Overwatch, Heroes, Hearthstone etc? For example you should let those of us who paid for virtual ticket get a free legendary skin, or legendary card of our choosing in-game. ( 2 free months of Wow?)

  • BUMP * come on people - keep the feedback coming - for all of us let down and unable to use the Virtual ticket during the weekend outage combined with the general underwhelming Blizzcon announcements - they should owe us something and at least answers.


Bleh, a bummer indeed.


I might swag one of those shirts, so I can cosplay a corporate tool that definitely owns a phone.


Blizzard is doing a great job being innovative. I really think they made the intelligent move here… Diablo will have two fan bases, PC, and Mobile. Just like Warcraft has had two fan bases all along, RTS, and MMORPG. Many of us, including myself, are only a fan of one category. Personally, I will only play Warcraft RTS, and no that does not mean I am a fan of Starcraft, when I say Warcraft RTS, I mean that exclusively. This move being made by Blizzard will only create a larger group of people to make money off. However, that does not mean forget about Diablo PC, just as it would be stupid to not make a Warcraft IV RTS. Games need to continue being made in each category in order to keep each section of people happy.


Why not just play Eternium? its the SAME EXACT game, without the Diablo theme. Stick with PC Master-Race for Diablo. D3 on console was garbage, and they designed the game to be cross platform (HUGE letdown when D3 was released for me). Although it brought a bigger fan-base, that bigger fan-base was just a bunch of bandwagon players waiting for the “next big thing” to give them their dopamine rush. My buddy who jumped in when D3 was released was too hype for D3 and didn’t even know or care about the lore. I chewed his A$$ for it, get to know the game you’re playing. Be a true fan.

Very disappointed in the empire of Blizzard. Stop catering to the common-person who plays Call of Duty on the weekends and switches to D3 when they are bored. The original Diablo was more than that, it was an instant cult classic. Go back to making cult classics again, Blizzard. We are begging you!

Stop trying to increase market shares by increasing a lousy fan-base of bandwagon players, it only hurts the rest of the community as casual kids ruin the game by wanting easy-win tactics.