HUGE letdown... What is this


I have much love for Wyatt Cheng, i’m sure Immortal will be an amazing game for the platform its been developed for, he doesnt deserve any backlack… HOWEVER i do feel that blizzard haven’t catered for their core playerbase which is right now a pc/console market so yeh its understandable people are mad. I personally am not interested in mobile gaming. I feel some people are misunderstanding why some of us are angry, were not angry that a mobile game was made, we’re angry the pc version was no where to be seen, if blizz announced D4 in the works plus Immortal out on mobile then people would have been excited and less toxic.


Guys, Diablo Immortal is not even a new game, its basically a re-make of a game already out there, just check out the video.


I don’t even play Diablo, and I am mad about it. I was thinking about expanding my games to the other Blizzard titles and this sure doesn’t make me want to… It is like when Animal Crossing became Pocket Camp, it was fun for maybe a week and got old fast with loading zones, and all that jazz. That is a BASIC game, I can’t imagine this loading on my phone now. You can’t have a cake and eat it too blizzard. When the devs defense is essentially ‘well you all have smart phones don’t you’, it isn’t going to feel good supporting them.


agree. mobile games are rarely anything more than low production value cash grabs. huge let down.


Why do they hate Diablo so much? It has to be hatred, because I can’t believe they are so stupid they ignore the community. :crazy_face:


This announcement was very disappointing. Who ever thought this was a good idea obviously doesn’t understand the player base. Diablo is a game meant to play on a PC or console not a mobile phone. Very disappointing .


Diablo: Immortal should have been released on PC first. You care about lore of Diablo, no worries some sap will buy the mobile version then upload all cinematic’s and story line info online. I for-see this as possible huge launch only to fall seriously short in less than 6 months. Just my opinion


#NoKingRulesForever Goodbye Bli$$ard!



IMO blizzard has not cared about the Diablo fan base since the release of D3. Lets not forget that D3 was released as a polished game when in reality it was still beta (got caught in their lie and back pedaled like mad). D3 was/is so far away from the basic fundamental of the darkness that was D1 & D2. No customization, a nonlinear social platform and the inability to trade with others. Blizzard has all but given up on the Diablo fan base and throws us a bowel movement butt dog bone hoping that it will just relate into a money making micro transaction mobile platform.
I have said it before and will say it to blizzard again. “Get Bent Idiots”


there’s nothing left to watch.
thanks, Blizzard for the DPS we didn’t need in OW. Thanks for not going into WHAT’S NEXT for OW. All they talked about was Ashe. whos the BLUE ROBOT!

Thanks for the “DONT YOU ALL HAVE A PHONE” can your employee be more SNARKY. Sad days for Diablo fans.

Most of all thank you blizzard for becoming EA.


I never visit forums to talk about how I look at games but as a PC nerd and a Diablo fan I must say that I am extremely sad to hear that they are releasing a mobile game instead of making something new. I will never play games om my phone no matter how good it is and I was really hoping for something a bit more lite Diablo 2. Blizzard ive been your fan since 98 but your really starting to loose me on this… =(


I must say a Mobile Diablo was a horrible choice! I too came on here specifically to re-iterate what everyone else is saying. Bad choice.


I’m willing to give the new mobile game a try, but seriously Blizzard, any “micro” transaction money grab feeling and I’m gone again… I was so hoping for a good announcement for the diablo universe, we’ve been seeing the speculations and recruitment posts for years now, wondering about a diablo 4 or a diablo mmo. All you gave us was a copy paste d3 for mobile, that you’re adding some extra skills into. I’m quite disappointed. Also still waiting for the damn VoD’s, been more than 12 hours since community night was over, still no VoD. I couldn’t stay awake during the night to watch it here in Europe since I had appointments.


Blizzard please announce something i can get my hands on next year it could be a D3 dlc or a remake but announce something so far this blizcon was a let down


In my opinion, anything dealing with Diablo 3 would be a letdown. Another expansion would be garbage as the base game has been garbage. Another DLC would be garbage.

A complete and total remake of Diablo 3 would be acceptable. I would pay $100 now if Blizzard promises D3 never happened and they are remaking it without retconning the story of the first two games.


This year blizzcon feels dead. Blizzard feels dead. I don’t even recognize very many people at blizz anymore. Not to mention the crappy announcements, lackluster presentation of things and the Vods aren’t even all up from yesterday for esports (unless I missed it somehow) WTF blizz? Are you TRYING to make us all leave? Everything feels too commercialized and out of touch from what blizzard used to be.


What a disapointment…Blizzard do you know how to make a game??? We do not want mobile games because the controls are s…t

The old team had it right… they had a vision… and imagination … yeah blizzard north im talking about…

I remember when i first played Diablo 2…when i was afraid to open the final portal to summon Diablo… before opening i filled the room with health potions… and now you give us this?.. where is that fear? Where is the feeling that I had when I first entered Harrogath and the music started playing… the game had a soul… now it has NOTHING…


The scariest part of Immortal is that it will most likely be very profitable.

I’m not a huge Diablo fan, but pretty much anything I have to play on a tiny/small screen with touch-screen controls is something I have no desire to play. If the future of games is mobile, that’s a boring future. Oh well…


Went to the last few Blizzcons, after last years disasterous patchcon and horrible closing band we decided to skip it this year. OMG so glad we did, but we did get the virtual ticket, should’ve passed on that too as it was poorly managed.