HUGE letdown... What is this


This whole Blizzcon is a joke, this is just the icing on the cake, better be refundable


So upset about this, I for one have been taking myself back to the 90’s and I rarely use my cell phone now. But I do allow myself the joy of a computer once in awhile and have played Diablo since day one. Diablo birthed my love for Blizzard and this makes me sad that they are saying screw you PC vets, bring on the kids. I have a feeling that this is going to open a Pay to Win flood gate. I see Diablo gear boxes in the future. GREED IS A MONSTER! Stop selling out Blizzard!


Diablo announcement was a spit in the face!!! It’s a disgrace


Это! Просто! Нечто! Такого унылого говна я не ожидал! “Смех в аудитории” на D2,5! “Гробовое молчание” на W3R! Куда смотрит президент на планирование Blizzcon? Могут лучше, но с года в год объявление анонсов все хуже, ужаснее. Это видно по эмоциям публики!
Уверен, что мобильный D2,5 канет в небытие! “Как расцвел, так и умрет!”
Продумали бы лучше D remastered. Удачнее будет в крат! Уверен!
“Мастерству нет предела”!


Tried to refund, they said nope since you’ve already viewed content we can’t refund the money back to you. So I canceled my WoW Subscription.


Sorry Blizzard, but that’s the last s.h.i.t. As a Diablo fan, you have lost it. R.I.P.


yea this was a big let down. was hoping to see a new game like diablo 4 with new stuff, new characters, and new play style we have not seen in the game before but all we get is a moble game R.I.P Diablo


The thing is … why give out the D3 switch port so early and keep this for blizzcon ? Why give this such a spot, even W3 remaster would diserve it more …

And this implies so much as well … especially that any other Diablo projects they have for now is at least 2 years BEHIND that mobile thing in schedule, or else it would have been anounced as well.
And we don’t even have a release date for that … even W3 remastered surprise has one, and it’s 2019 …
I think that’s one of the main issues here, you basically just confirmed us nothing new is coming out for Diablo for the next 3 … 4 … XXX years lol.


Ok no D4 i get this, but your most Diablo Players are PC gamers, u let them down today, with this chinese mobile ONLY version of Diablo. Im disappointed beyond comprehension. The only saving grace is that it should tell the story and fill in the blanks. But no word on D3? none? nothing? What the hell?


Nice to see all the people that complain in GD made their way to the blizzcon forums.


Let me put it this way to anyone trying to defend Blizzard here… This is such an epic disappointment that I just reinstalled Destiny 2… The biggest fail of Activision is better than the news we got today and that says a lot. I have also done a little math here as well. Yes my brain now hurts, but I pay $7.80/gb of data on my phone as my plan is now. HOW THE *$&^ do you expect people to play an actual online version of “Dia-blow” without having to pay an extra hundred bucks a month in data fees?


Well played Bli$$ard… =(


Seriously I expected nothing at all and I am crushed was what one of my Guildmates said… I feel this now.

I understand they need the game to pay for itself but TBH D3 has been more disappointment than not for me. I loved D2 and remember sneaking to stay up late during highschool to play the game and FORCING myself to stay awake on work nights to get the next level or finish one section or another. D3 never had a a feeling even close to that…

NOW you put out there a mobile game? I would honestly like to know what the thought process was here. I am sure they are feeding it to a market/demographic I am not in but to have the reaction they got from fans AT blizcon they must have known it was a bad play.

I feel more and more like Blizzard has been taken control of by some alien entity or demonic presence its like EA has climbed into the meat suit that was Blizz. This is just so very sad. HOW can they continue to spit on their fans and stakeholders.


It’s baffling, but I hope no one at Blizzard takes this too personally. It’s probably a decision taken much higher up in the chain of command at Blizzard, exemplifying a terrible lack of touch with their community leading up to all this awkwardness. :expressionless:

I feel for Wyatt. I absolutely do not think this was his choice. He was just the messenger.


It would have been exciting, but I kind of already figured there would be no massive Diablo game announcement - they just released D3 on the Switch and Blizzard made a statement about it a little while before Blizzcon…

We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that “good things come to those who wait,” but evil things often take longer. We appreciate your patience as our teams work tirelessly to create nightmarish experiences worthy of the Lord of Terror.

While we won’t be ready to announce all of our projects, we do intend to share some Diablo-related news with you at the show.

I can’t post links but it’s on Diablo3(.com) - Blog titled “Diablo at BlizzCon 2018”


The mobile game is just to hold us over- they’re not ready to announce the next BIG Diablo project. At any rate, I’m personally excited about the mobile game - it looks hella fun.


I don’t think you see the problem, it’s okay to give the community something whilst they work on D4 , but to give us a mobile game when none of the community asked or wanted it is just a joke , a real slap in the face of loyal fans all for the sake of profit .


Totally agree with @apocalypse. I guess we now know why it’s called blizzCON!


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Well, what would you like to see?

A new class? They did that last year, and if we got another class people would complain about it as a cop-out. People complained last year when they realized they were only getting the Necromancer expansion.

A new expansion? They have already done that, and concluded two story lines. While they COULD have done something along those lines, if they’re already working on D4 or whatever next big Diablo project is, they’d just be taking resources from it.

Just additional content, like story lines or challenges?


Given they are rumored to have a Netflix Original for Diablo, have ported the entire collection to the Switch platform, and released a mobile game aren’t too bad in the grand scheme of things.

Plus, you never know if they are toying around with all of these things as a way of testing features they want to have in whatever BIG Diablo project they are working on. That’s what I would like to think is happening - they are a pretty innovative company.


Most of the community tbh were expecting and wanting either a D1 or D2 remastered or at a minimum a new class for D3 but certainly not a cruddy money spinning mobile app