HUGE letdown... What is this


Play on Mobile. No plans for PC!. No Hardcore …

What’s next? F2P ? Buy your Savegames?


calm down guys! POE starts a new league in December :wink:


At least Wolcen is coming to take the throne from D2:LOD … at long last


wouldn’t count on it… But hey. maybe this could be the reveal BlizzCon could have been.


Once the founders of a company step down, it just becomes a big money grab. They stop listening to their audience, and now we have blizzard themed cereal, clothes, and… a mobile Diablo game instead of a Diablo Expansion or D4 game? It’s the end of an era. R.I.P. Blizzard, it was fun while it lasted.



we as a community have been told to be patient and got hyped again for nothing!!
i have been disappointed before but this is ridicules …
even though the game looks cool and i get the idea, but 90% of us don’t want this mobile game…
and i understand D4 was probably way to early for this year … but not even a druid character pack for D3? …D1 or D2 remaster? Balance changes for D3 ? more necro items ? new sets maybe ?
i paid 40 euro to watch this disaster from half way across the world and for what?

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Mobile “Diablo”… Hm. Well I’m out. I’m a fat, blind guy and I refuse to play games on a 5’’ screen that I can barely see without my fat fingers in the way… GJ Blizz… Can I have a refund please? :slight_smile:


Huge disappointment, was hoping a new Diablo PC type game not a mobile game. Been playing Diablo since 1996. Blizzard, please be working on another Diablo project that is PC based and is better than Diablo 3.


i grew up in the cow level also


The sad part is that it might prove a good idea to release on mobile. Microtransactions ans bs skin /packs/armor/etc, so the money will come in. But, us, the diablo fans will leave this ***** hole, and when the mobile “fanboys” will get borred, blizz will relize that you don’t f*** your true fans for stupid money making schemes(a.k.a mobile “free to play” games).
Blizzard slowly becomes the new EA. Sad, sad day.


They should have just went with the April Fools Joke question, and was like you got us lets burn this bridge before a riot starts and just announce D4 and D2 Remaster. They obviously don’t know what their player base actually wants. I feel sorry for the people that bought a ticket to go watch this joke of an announcement. As soon as they announced WC3 remaster I knew that D2 was a pipe dream but maybe, just maybe, they would announce D4… Wasn’t there supposed to be 3 diablo related annoucements this blizzcon? So far I’ve only seen one steaming pile.


u should see the dissapointment @ blizzcon


who plays mobile games… ? at first it is a jump for money… but I think that B is buying time for stuff we - diablo fans - want!! so I will play D3NS but most of us will go to POE…


And here the once great saga ends, as a mobile app.

I have opened a ticket for a refund. Not any real chance of me getting a refund, but atleast I can air my frustrations ( in a polite way) while doing so.


Truly disappointing.
Guess it’s Blizz choice, but as a fan (who hate mobile games) this feel like a slap in the face… NOTHING for D3, at all.
D3 hasn’t gotten any love and now for the fans it’s a mobile game?

That said, I am glad I am not Wyatt right now, not the response he was expecting.


The announcement for Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch was better news then a Diablo mobile game… I had my hopes to a minimum of a new playable character in Diablo 3. I was hoping for a Diablo 2 remastered, because I knew they weren’t releasing any information on a Diablo 4.

Blizzard, you not only disappointed Diablo fans like myself but I’m seeing comments and updates from World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Starcraft II stating it was a huge let down and they honestly feel bad for the Diablo fan base.

We have been continually screwed over and i’m tired of it. I’m sure I’m not the only one in doing this but I will no longer be paying for Blizzard products… at least for a long time time that is.


Originally from what I’ve been following for a few months now, was 3 separate stage announcements Diablo related.

Now there isn’t anything else for Diablo at Blizzcon.


like last year… but hey thoose 3 guys were deffinetly “excited about it.”


One of the biggest disappointments to date…huge let down… freaking mobile game…


Blizzcon this year is a big flop
Diablo on mobile what the hell ($$$)
Warcraft 3 remake … could have start with Warcraft 1 no?