HUGE letdown... What is this


I so agree, their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is for something that will most likely come close to ruining the Diablo brand


No matter where a person’s loyalties lie in the Console vs PC debate, one thing rings true: Mobile games are bad and aren’t taken seriously by either side.

Mobile games are meant to occupy your time while you sit on the toilet. After that brief period of time, mobile game off, back to what I was doing.

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That april fools joke nailed it. not all heros wear capes


Lol the crowd is booing!!! Man, can you imagine being the poor guy standing on stage and trying to convince people to be excited for this trash?


Was für ein MIST totaler Blödsinn so ein mobil game das soll die tolle Neuigkeit sein - ihr solltet euch schämen - das ist einfach nur peinlich - spiele Diablo von begin an aber jetzt ist schluss - ÄTZEND MIST WTF


LOVE THAT QUESTION… Is this a out-of-season April Fools Day joke


Best question yet :rofl:


I also kept waiting for them to say, No no, we are just kidding of course.
Then I realized it wasn’t a joke at all …


I’ve never seen a forum post where so many people agree with each other. I think that fact alone speaks for itself.


Great, I apparently have a supercomputer and here I was thinking it’s a phone.

At least the Q&A panel tomorrow will be fun, I guess.
I suspect they will get in trouble.


Same here. I keep expecting fanboys to jump in but… crickets


When they announced the mobile game you could see that guy panic when he realised it didn’t go down well could see him thinking (best announce d4 or d2 to save this ) glad I didn’t pay for a ticket … D2 remastered would of been epic

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Fact is my pocket supercomputer has a ****** 5 inch screen where i can`t see *****! ***** this nonense! Play it for yourself! Im out!


Well… whatever. Path of Exile here I go. To the hell with Diablo 3.


Wow…I can’t even! I build a new PC and today I was like “WoW finally my Diablo gets something new #fistpump” then I hear its only Switch/mobile…I am officially SADPANTS and miffed! It was already hard enough to get friends to play a stale game and now? Ugh. Some of us have been playing since the start and this truly feels like a slap in the face!


And to think, I thought that things would be different after they fired Jay Wilson. I seriously thought we could just wait for the next Diablo game and it would be a badass redemption story.

Not with Activision though. With Activision, things only get worse. Lesson learned I guess.


They don`t even develop it themselves and let i develop by some unknown 10 year friendship chinese company!


My wife, who plays a lot of candy crush saga, but who also plays Diablo 3 with me was squarely on the “wtf” train.


Right, if someone from blizzard reads this i just have to say, this was a HUGE disappointment, and almost what i would call a waste of a panel; i hoped beyond hope that there would at least be SOME announcement of SOMETHING for D3, or even some teasing for something more… but no, it is a Mobile game, and while it seems the devs have really good phones… well, i, and many other people simply don’t… it frankly appeared callous and quite frankly rude to those who can’t play it.

Now i get you might want to expand the horizons, but we have been stuck with literally no new content or small, practically insignificant content to the core series for a good while… throw us a bone. Or people will start leaving in droves.


preach brother amen!