HUGE letdown... What is this


The big Diablo project was a mobile game with a copy paste design? This sucks :frowning:


Yeah, honestly wtf lol


I like the “moving forward” concept but that maybe a big stretch even for Blizz. I like the Diablo shirt.


the dream is over. no more $$ from me blizz.


I love it!!! WoooT


this company got bought by the devil. absolute trash


When I heard new action rpg I was so excited. Thought D4, or maybe even a game like The Witcher, or something. Then I saw this disappointment. Blizzard makes millions, and all they can come up with is 2 re-releases, a mobile game, and a hearthstone xpac? This is the most disappointing opening ceremony in Blizzcon history. So glad I saved my $$ and stayed at home.


Dude I feel the same way, I thought they were going to announce D2 remastered honestly, W3 is dope I’m happy to hear it’s being remastered but cmon… A mobile app for Diablo? Now we have to wait another 2-3 years for the 8 year olds on Switch to get bored of it also before they stop milking it? Please Blizz make D4 already with all the things you promised for D3 and make it PC ONLY for god’s sake! 8+ players with full trading on all gear, D3 is the most non social game I have played in the last 10 years due to it not requiring you to do any social crap…


Most disappointing Blizzcon by leaps and bounds…This is gonna hurt them.


Yep. Diablo 3 ported over to mobile… Yaaaaay. Screw Blizzard. I’m sure the game will be ripe with microtransactions as well, since you know Activi$ion. Trash.


wow i feel ripped off this year. a moble game for diablo? Im sure it will be all ingame purchase type. want my money back…Nothing they talked about is worth paying 50.00. guess i can be happy i didn’t go to this blizzcon line i was planing.


Wtf is this? mobile? MOBILE? F*** this. You just f***ed the entire diablo fanbase. This is just sad.


I don’t understand how Blizzard even thinks a stupid mobile port of D3 is anywhere NEAR worthy of a Blizzcon announcement… Honestly, they are so incredibly out of touch with reality at this point. They have no clue what their fans want, they only know what the Activision overlords want and that’s more money.


Lol… Blizz is so insanely out of touch that it kind of boggles my mind. How could anyone think that a mobile D3 port was a good idea?

This stinks of Activision. Blizz used to care about their games and their playerbase, but sadly, those days are probably long gone. To hell with this company.


a designer did say they are working on multiple diablo projects… so im hopeful maybe there is something else in the works?? if not …(we are listening to the players) quote was bs


No more love for the fans… I’m so let down right now. I feel like a little kid who’s Dad just left to go buy smokes, and never came back. I have never wanted a company to keep being awesome as much as Blizzard. I bought this ticket hoping that things would turn around, but that was false hope on my part. It’s a sad day…


The worst part is if D4 or any other semi-decent project is ever announced, this silly mobile game is going to diminish it greatly. Everything they do in the Diablo franchise will now wreak of Diablo 3.

This was the opportunity to prove that they know they destroyed the Diablo franchise with Diablo 3, and to show the fans that they understood where they went wrong. Instead, they stupidly advertised the exact opposite. No remorse for slaughtering the Diablo franchise, and no humility with their hands held out.

Good luck Blizzy. You’ll never shake this one. Any future Diablo projects will not have the same chance at positive perception due to your greed here.


After d3 they needed to atone for the “kid friendly” / “moronic plot” / “wow crap” that was diablo 3. What did they do? Mobile d3 port. I feel violated. Blizzard of old is gone. Brevik said it. Fans started whispering it, but I didn’t want to believe it. Well, nothing much left to do. Reinstall diablo 2 or diablo 1, forget this nightmare of an “announcement” and enjoy true goth feeling, good story and most of all, the only true diablo games. Rip diablo! I will miss you.


YIKES. At least now I understand why they posted the preemptive ‘dont get too excited’ message awhile back. At least blizzcon, so far, is following the BFA model of constant disappointment.


I would have bought 3 copies of diablo4! i will not buy any of your mobile crap! You have slapt me into the face! i want my money back! i want my blizzcon money back! get this out of my face!

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