HUGE ideas for Warcraft IV RTS

The #1 thing I missed from Warcraft 2 to Warcraft 3 was ships, in Warcraft 2 you could bring your men from one island to another, and it had battleships. If you bring that back in Warcraft 4 RTS along with the heroes from Warcraft 3 and the 2 new races you’ve already added, plus another 2 in Warcraft 4 RTS, for a total of 6 playable races, people would drop Warcraft 3 like a hot potato in order to play Warcraft 4 (even if you decide to only allow 4vs4 ladder maps instead of 6vs6). I’ve mentioned this in another post which I edited today, but I wanted to make sure the idea of bringing boats and battleships back to Warcraft does not get missed, because that one is BIG. “When” you build a Warcraft 4 RTS, I’m CONVINCED the game will be a hit as long as you got more races, boats/ships (maybe consider making it so the boats have wheels to drive up on land, almost like a catapult that can travel through water–this might be necessary, since flying creatures can go anywhere, water creatures/floating catapults should probably not be limited to only water), and even better/smoother graphics than Reforged. I’ll be expecting you to make this announcement within 2 years. With 5G internet rolling out this year, we need to keep up with the times.
Water units should be equivalent to air units, and since you already have “night elf” which has a reputation for being best in the air, I think you should have a water race, which is the most powerful in the water, AND THE BEST IDEA YET, you should also have the 2nd new race which is best at attacking water units!!!
Just like Undead has a reputation for being good against air units!!!


Even custom map makers have been able to develop a fully playable race called Naga, if they can handle building a race, I’m sure you can too!

One more thing which came to mind that I liked in WC2 which WC3 didn’t have, and Warcraft 4 RTS could. WALLS, I personally liked building them in front of the entrance to my area, it was fun. I’d like to be able to build a plain wall across the entrance to my area, kind of like the wall of china with towers behind it… it was just fun, and I’d love to see this become part of our future game of the year.


  1. Human

  2. Orc

  3. Night elf is typically thought of as the air race, if there is one.

  4. Undead has a reputation for making Night elf not want to go air.

  5. One race should have a reputation for being the water race (New Race) maybe use the race called “Naga”.

  6. One race should be the best for making Naga (or other New Race), not want to go water.

I think a 6vs6 ladder game with water, land, and air units would be DYNAMITE!
If the only excuse is "well, it would be really hard to balance 6 races through land, water, and air), my advice to you is begin somewhere, and then continue making patches over the next 10 years, as you have done with Warcraft 3.

I’m telling you, this game could very easily become HUGE!

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