How to make Diablo series great again

I am one of the core and religious haters of Diablo 3 and direction it took.

I do understand that Blizz do not really want to give us true customisation game because their ambitions have slide a bit and according to them ‘this is not what fans want anyway’. Ok whatever Blizz

But make 1 significant difference in Diablo 4, and I assure it will win you some of the fans back.

Runewords. Instead of having legendary weapons, ancient legendary, super ancient legendary and so on. Do as a favour and create one and only set of runewords items from release BUT make grinding for it meaningful. Top shelf runewords should take long months to get 1 piece of gear.

People DO want to grind, but they want to know that their time investment WILL PAY OFF.

What is good to me hardcore grinding D3 for 3 months, get all bis gear for blizz to introduce a new patch few months later adding ‘ancient legendary’ versions of the gear. And to make me go back and grind for it again.

No. I want to invest my time and after 3 years have best geared character for eternity. And then eventually release an expansion, add few more runewords, acts and challenges.

Job done blizz. 3-5 years to gear one class and then people can move on on different classes. Increasing lifespan of the game to 15-20 years without adding a single content and without infuriating people who want to grind.

This is the exact same problem I now have with Path of Exile. Constantly new content and while Ill do enjoy girding, I just cant keep up anymore with the pace of adding new stuff.

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