How much should i save for Blizzcon?


So this year i wanted to take me and my girlfriend to Blizzcon but am unsure how much i need to save. A former coworker of mine said him and his fiance saved up $2000 and it worked, but i’ve seen on forums that some people have only had to save $1000 and they’ve been able to get allot of things at the con. Any experienced Blizzcon attendees able to help me out?


Do you not have a phone to watch it on?

Sorry, that was too easy. In actual seriousness, it depend on where you are coming from and if that budget is for everything (blizzcon tickets, travel, hotel, food, and recreation). $400 would be just for the tickets for the two of you. That being said you can get good hotel/airbnb deals if you are willing to not stay right next to the convention center and walk a bit too and from. You can also save more on the room if you don’t mind sharing and split the cost with others. That leaves your travel as the biggest question. Not sure where you are coming from and if you are driving or flying in. If you are flying in, then you would be cutting it a lot closer.

All in all $1000 is doable for 2 but might be tight. Keep in mind that others that said they did it with 1000 may be just speaking for themselves instead of 2 tickets, so that would be an extra 200 in the budget for them right there. I’d say you could do it fine for 1K for the two of you, but you might want a bit of extra cushion for incidentals and fun money.

edit note: Also, keep in mind that the price has been increasing every year lately. it may not next year, but I would be prepared for the price to increase from 200 to 225.


Now a couple of months have gone by, what Tarn said is pretty accurate. I have only ever missed 2 blizzcons. Each year it gets more expensive, especially hotels. We reserved our hotel the day literally after 2018 blizzcon and we will be near 500 dollars for the stay.

Now add tickets for us and you are 1k already. Food can be cheaper if you are willing to travel. Lyft/Uber is the way to go honestly because you will be walking all day, and if looking at panels sitting all day. Also, the traffic gets to be such a pain in the butt around that area. Find the happy hours away from the con. I think last year we spent around 60ish on Lyft including tip. Now, we walked to the con because of where we stay, but I don’t know about you. Also, there will always be extra items at the con you cant get on the gear.blizzard store. At least for a bit. I will try not to be very bitter about no Blizzcon exclusive feel anymore.

So, basically if you save 1k, you are pretty much only buying tickets and possibly hotel,airbnb(last I checked Anaheim does not allow that), for your stay.
To be honest I don’t buy much for myself I spend it all on my woman and food. That goes quickly, but she is super happy. Happy wife happy life bro.


I think it depends on if you are commuting or not. If you’re getting a hotel, 2k is probably the right amount. If not, then 1k to 1.5k is about right. It just depends on how merchandise heavy you plan on being. I think I brought about 300 to spend and bought about 300 on the site presale, but I also enjoy the pin trading and I’m an overwatch ho where I love the merchandise from it.


I think it depends on two things one if you are close to Anaheim or far enough where you need to fly. We live in San Diego so about 2 hours form Anaheim, we got a hotel room for my boyfriend and I and our friend from playing WoW slept on the sleeper sofa. So we basically split that cost in thirds, for me personally I spent the most on merch and mystery boxes. If you don’t plan on buying awesome loot you shouldn’t have to worry for much besides tickets and the hotel. We ate at cheap places think ramen places so really you could make it work on most budgets.


the absolute cheapest I’ve done the trip on my own was about $250 (including badge). but that included sharing hotel rooms, carpooling cross country.
I don’t know how much you are going to spend on travel, but hotels usually cost 200-300 a night now… I usually spend 3 nights, sometimes 4, but I like to split the cost with others. food is stupid expensive everywhere, so I stick to the 7-11 and the hotel breakfast most of the time (desert palms is a treasure for its free breakfast buffet, and being so close).
I also typically spend under $100 at the store every year, so my overall cost by myself every year is around 400-500 (including badge). it can be done if you budget well


When we went last year, we got away with extremely minimal expenses for a 4-person group. We booked 1 hotel room for 2 nights, which was around $130/night I believe. We also rented a car to drive down from the Central Valley, which was like a 7-hour drive. And I think the car rental was like $70/day. Those were our biggest expenses as a group. We brought food from home for super cheap. Canned soup, sub sandwiches, chips, etc. We actually managed to get the subs into the convention center so we could eat that there!!

I honestly can’t imagine what you’d need over a thousand dollars for, unless it was to cover some really steep travel expenses if you’re coming from more than just like a state away from California. We each spent about $120-160 on the gear store stuff and all came out with a pretty decent haul. Also, remember that a LOT of this stuff can just be ordered online and ISN’T Blizzcon-exclusive. Hell, there are still posters left over from this last year.