Help with Undergrad Thesis on WoW Classic!

Hi everyone! With Blizzcon less than a week away, I wanted to share this and hopefully get in touch with some of you! This is my first Blizzcon, and like many of you, I don’t have the vocabulary to describe ENTHUSED I AM TO GO!! I was able to make it this year with the help of my college, as I am writing my undergraduate thesis on WoW and WoW Classic.

Specifically, I am doing an analysis of the fan culture of WoW Classic, to study the motivations, reactions, and reasons why we (myself included) are playing. With a research grant I am able to attend this year, with the purpose of talking and interviewing people at Blizzcon about their experience with WoW and WoW Classic.

If you have played WoW Classic at all, I would love to talk with you about your experiences and share stories and memories about WoW over the years! We can do it standing in line for the opening ceremony to pass time, Thursday evening during check-in, during the convention, any time is good for me!

If you are interested or have any question, feel free to add me and send a message on Discord: Reymogs#3008 or Bnet: Dshiftr#1701

I have detailed information about my study, HSRC approval, a consent form, and can answer any questions beforehand!

I am also giving away a digital license to Warcraft III Spoils of War Edition to one participant via email!

Lastly: I am attending myself, and would love to find a group of people to experience Blizzcon with! Message me about that as well if interested!

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, see you soon!!!