Goodiebag for 2019 BlizzCon


I have been searching to try and figure out if there is a goodiebag for this years Con?
What I read is -
Here it states that we get a figure instead of the Goodiebag. Can someone please confirm that or not?
I can help but feel like something is missing if that is the case.


The statues are in lieu of the traditional Goodie Bag this year, unless they announce something later.


I believe statues is the goody bag this year. i would assume some in-game goody stuff to go along with the statue. so yeah. unless blizzard have something under their sleeves announced later, i would say the statues is the goody bag this year.


According to their statement there will not be a typical BlizzCon Goody Bag as they have done in past years, but instead a BlizzCon 2019 Commemorative Collectible (aka Grunt or Footman Statue). I am personally disappointed with this decision, because I feel like they are just focusing on WOW. I understand it is the 25th anniversary of Warcraft, but it feels like they are forgetting about their other games. Not everyone plays WOW. At least in the past goody bags each games was represented.


I was hoping for a Goodie Bag of sorts as well as the statue this year, since the statue is available for purchase even without a Blizzcon ticket at the moment. Years past, if you partook in Blizzcon you got exclusive IRL and in-game goodies. Hopefully they give those going or ordering the ticket a treat - hate to say I wanna feel special, but ffs I wanna feel special!


It’s the 25th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise, which has three RTS titles that came out before WoW. I’m not a huge WoW player anymore, but as a long-time Blizzard fan who grew up with Warcraft, I’m pretty pleased with the statue.

I used to feel this way, but I look at the convention itself as the exclusive now. This year will be my eighth BlizzCon and simply being there overshadows all of the other stuff. A small exclusive for in-person attendees would be nice, but I have no issue with the digital bonuses and other merch being available to everyone.


25th anniversary of warcraft. Wow is 15th anniversary this year.


The statue is the goodie/swag bag this year.

Technically the “traditional” swag bag was broken when they had the Noobz marine Jim Raynor figure, and again when they had the mini Deathwing statue, and again when they had the mini Tyrael statue.

It’s not like this is unprecedented, per my examples above. Each time it’s been a single item from a specific franchise there’s always been some people noting how it was from a game they didn’t like/play.

Given what’s being celebrated, it feels appropriate.


I’m a fan of quite a few blizzard games, particularly WoW. I’ve felt that the last 2 goodie bags have been a little underwhelming, noticing that they focused a little too heavily on Overwatch (I get it, it was a newish game and has a particularly large fanbase)

I think it’s just a reoccurring trend Blizzard tend to do. Focus on one game and sprinkle some goodies from over games in as well. Just seems this year they are focusing alot on Warcraft and World of Warcraft (which I’m grateful for as it seems to feel a bit neglected as of late)

Who knows though, they might announce a suprise bag for attendees