First BlizzCon ever - all in

I just splurged on (the last, at the time I checked anyway) benefit dinner ticket available for resale. Let’s say it’s been a good year for me and I’m treating myself.

Besides possibly meeting someone on the Blizz team that works in a professional role similar to mine (completely unrelated to fandom/hobby stuff) I’ve got no plans. I’m not much of one to follow streamers or whatever, and I’m getting a vibe I may be one of the (if not the only) person at the charity dinner without a “who to meet” list. I feel like a filthy casual.

I play WoW, where I play a DH in a CE guild shooting for Famed this tier. That’s about it - I played a tiny bit of WC3, I hardcore played WoW in Vanilla/BC but due to military service didn’t touch much gaming for about a decade. I came back for BFA after deciding working 60-80 hours per week perpetually was probably not healthy.

I booked a hotel very close to the venue, but I’ve got absolutely 0 plans thus far. If anyone wants an… interesting addition to their crew, feel free to btag me: Cicada3301#11222