False advertising


You might want to edit the Virtual ticket page, or stop advertising it.

At this time 10:02 GMT Nov 13th 2018 It clearly states that the Closing Ceremonies are included in the VT. As they were over a week ago, that could only mean Video On Demand.

But we know they are not there either.

You could go with option 3.


In the description of what you get with the virtual ticket, it is written:

"Most replays are available until March 31, 2019. Community Night and closing night festivities replays are available for at least 1 month after the event. "

Source: https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/blizzcon-virtual-ticket?blzcmp=blizzcon_shop_vtpbottom

To me, that clearly indicates that closing night festivities can be viewed after the event has ended. There is nothing in the description that indicates that the content will be limited. The description implies that everything is included in the VT, and everything can be viewed after the event.

I see a lot of posts from people who has failed their refund-claim, but this is indeed false advertising on Blizzard’s part, and this should be reported to the appropriate consumer advocacy agency in each respective country if Blizzard does not provide access, or a refund.


This is the first Virtual ticket that I have not been able to watch closing events on VOD. If this is a technical issue, I hope they plan on releasing it later or extending available view time. If not, this may be the last Virtual Ticket I purchase.


I agree. I give Blizzard a lot of money each year because I expect delivery. If the virtual ticket is no longer going to deliver as promised, I do not see the point of my purchasing it in the future if they cannot satisfactorily resolve this issue.


Has Blizzard commented anywhere on this?


Closing night festivities, pah… still not.