I have mobile, so what?

  Just make it an interactive book, because switching to mobile is dumb.  A quick buck?  If you guys would concentrate on Leahs child that she had, and re ignite the story line you would make more.
  Make it to where you can transfer your character, and have choose between new sub class...  Make new heroes, make mini games, and mounts.  Free cam but keep the dark gothic look, more than 6 skills to be used.
   We are the good side of the eternal conflict...  No way are going to travel the stars, heaven, and Earth with out transportation. 
  What sets this game apart is the lore...  Decaird Cain should be resurrected, Leoric also...  the dark soul shard should be in the hands of the nephilum at all times...  Since everybody else is to weak to even get close to it.
 If you are paragon level and you have played through 3 and others, the dialogue should recognize it.  Like Dragon Age I guess.
   The mobile idea I hope is a joke.  Becoming a true mmo would just be great,  make an add on to 3 for that.  
   If you want to make money, make a great game please. Nobody wants to hunch over and move with a stupid on screen joystick...  what order and chaos? Is that what we are talking about? I'd rather play that than play the same characters on a small screen.
 What play it anywhere? Oh yeah I'm going to get so emersed into the game, while I'm at the park. Lol
 Are you going to ruin the franchise like this?  I guess it doesn't matter until you lose your entire fan base.  Shot dumbing down wow sure is messing up stuff for ya huh?
  We do want more than 6 or 7 skills that we can use at a time.  Variety and choses are important... 
 Sacred 2 controls for console had the best controls, wow cataclysm with extra action bars was the best wow.  Dragon age story line manipulation was awesome.  Eso has the best skill system.  Diablo has the most epic story.  Find a way to put this together...  if this franchise goes straight mobile I know you guys have lost your minds, like liberals, and Democrats.🤣