Disneyland meetups

Hey there!
First timer on Blizzcon, going all the way from Europe, Portugal.
Are there any group meetups being planned for Disneyland, either on Wednesday before Blizzcon or right after on Sunday?

I myself will be visting D-land both on Wednesday and Sunday!!

Remember… get the Dole Whip!

I am planning on going to Disney on Sunday as well.

We are doing it on the 31st. As soon as we land in the morning, we will head to the hotel drop our stuff off, then go across the street to disney :slight_smile:

I’m going Sunday morning. My flight back home is at 10pm

As a heads up, Blizzcon coincides with Dapper Day at Disney so Sunday is the official outing expect crowds on Sunday since Dapper Day Expo attendees will be going to Disneyland together dressed up.

Myself and wife will be going to D Land on Tues and Wed, all the way from the UK. Planning on taking a day one day per side of the park.

Each evening the parks will be open late for the Halloween events. This is fully booked (I think) as we could not get passes to this as it is separate to normal access.

Universal is also fun* if an hour away.

*I say fun because I enjoyed being chased by zombies in tWD event. My wife, not so much… She discovered fight or flight.

I will at Disneyland before and after Blizzcon, My husband works for Disney World so we got a killer deal on a room at the Disneyland Hotel. This will be my first Blizzcon, (It’s a bucket list item for me) so I wouldn’t mind meeting new faces/friends. ( I’m old and chunky, so I don’t really have friends, just my family)
If ya’ll would like to meet/greet/say hello/ etc.


I, too will be doing Disneyland on Wednesday or Sunday. A meetup would be great! My btag is Avelaandi#1279. Currently I’m staying with family until Thursday so even before for any hangout would be wonderful.

Beware, Sunday is going to be busy everyone. it is Dapper day at disneyland and there’s expected to be large crowds. <3

never thought i would say the hilton feels cheap compared to the disneyworld hotel prices XD