Disappointing Blizzcon

Loved the voice actors panel! I wish they would do an audible read for the WoW books. Speaking of which, I would love to see something released for the lore of Shadowlands, it’s super engaging!

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Technically there’s a SL lore book in the blizzard gear store.


Could you not make the “COPY CHARACTER TO BC” a pay THING!

At least give us one free copy per wow account.



I believe that is an art book?

Compared to 2019 it was bad, but overall it wasn’t that bad especially considering the circumstances.

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I no longer look forward to BLIZZCON anymore. As soon as I heard that they are no longer making additional content for Starcraft 2 I don’t see the point in playing any other games. I used to love and support Blizzard any way that I can but after a lot of negative reviews and knowing that Activision ruined Blizzard its very hard for me to go back. I know probably alot of people will disagree with me but this is how I feel about it.


for me too… Heroes of the storm 0 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
and Hearthstone yea only bad changes…

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Activision ruined Blizzard yep i love Blizzards game but now is worse and worse


get off thier backs is all u guys can do is complain Blizzard doing all they can do with covid-19 u lucky they even have a blizzcon this yr

All the COVID 19 posts don’t seem to understand all of Blizzard’s work was done from a home office like everyone else in the entire world that had to work from home.
Lack of content to share shouldn’t have even been a thing.
There wasn’t even a 2020 con. There should have been a surplus of info to share.


It wasn’t disappointing at all - and I play WoW, D3, and OW. Every single employee was on stay home orders and they still managed to produce a game AND a con- which could have been just cancelled entirely. I think saying it’s “disappointing” because it didn’t live up to your expectation, during a pandemic, is entirely on you. I think they did the best they could. New patch coming in WoW, update on D4 (new game), OW2 (new game), – I’m excited!

thought this was a great format for Blizzcon and its awesome that they are giving us this during the Blood Plague.

My disappointment the lack of Support for Mac.
So far every “new” game even tho it brags about playing on the platform YOU choose they all say “Not available on macOS”

Why has this been the mindset ever since Overwatch.
Why? If you can run these on Switch, PS and Xbox can’t you do a port for your long term fans that have been playing on Mac for SO MANY YEARS.

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This was Blizzcon for Diablo news and I am glad it was, this Blizzcon was anything but dissapointing I think most of you are just mad that there were no news on your chosen game of choice. All of Diablo fans are/were super excited to hear about Diablo II resurrected and see reveal of Rogue class that existed in Diablo 1 when it was first released. Diablo II resurrected team is passionate about the re release of Diablo II (LOD) in HD and it shows, I personally am stoked and glad it will release sometime this year and am very satisfied with what Blizzcon was this year. About 2 years ago all us Diablo PC gamers heard was

Blockquote “Do you guys not have phones?”

That was an absolute smack to our faces and hopefully when Diablo II resurrected comes out it will play and look as good as in the trailers, I am stoked and am waiting with anticipation.

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Agreed normally Blizzcon feels like they just read off a piece of paper and it is all scripted, felt more natural this year and relaxed.

Just because you’re over with the game, doesn’t mean the game is over. Chill dude.

Nothing on Heroes of the Storm was really disappointing as well. They have eSports for every other game and not heroes. Very sad.

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Watching the Community Showcase after March of the Murlocs I can’t help but feel like Blizzard has achieved what Disney has spent a century aspiring to…

I suppose you could not expect too much with no crowds and the yelling and showing stuff on the big screen factor as people watch.

What was a mess was having too many links to the opening ceremony especially on youtube and Twitch only to have them not being the correct channel to watch the opening ceremony, thus many people wasted their first hour thinking it was technical difficulties and waited for something that was never going to be shown on that stream. And the Lack of heroes of the storm content. They might as well cancel the game with the lack of support they give it.

What can I say. Nothing that I was expecting had been announced. But that is the least thing I am worried about.
Why do I have to choose between customization and skills efficiency? Is it really was necessary ? And why the hell night fae gets another stupid transmog?? The least they could do is give us a color of skills animation which will depend on your covenant, but still it was not done. And no new heritage armor, and no customizations for other races that didn’t receive any before, and no new info at least about allied races from covenants

Some people cannot just appreciate the things they get for free.
Yes it is NOT a full Blizzcon, and Yes the announcements are not as huge as announcing a game (what is expected every Blizzcon after a Warcraft expansion to be honest)
And Blizzard did not had to do this and keep their money in their pocket and just dish out the information thru a press release.

But instead of doing that they tried to get some sort of Blizzcon vibe, and yes I do miss the audience and atmosphere, but during this pandemic this is the best what they could do.
The panels where fun as always, we got tons of information (ok agree it was leaked hours before Blizzcon) but in the end I had a great time and I really appreciate Blizzard for doing this!

Lets all appreciate the things we get for free, and hopefully we have a full blown Blizzcon next time.