Disappointing Blizzcon

The opening ceremony was disappointing for me.

The only cool announcement was Hearthstone, the mercenary mode.

Is it just me or is Blizzcon really boring this year?


Agreed. Not much new info, and sometimes the info is kinda bad news:
-WoW deep dives was mostly nostalgia moments ("Member classic BC? " -_- )
-More zones, cool! More mobs and gear, cool. More soulbinds, wait what?
-Nothing is clearly announced for 2021 (D2 maybe in december?)
-No starcraft news
-No date for Wow patch 9.1


Super boring. Glad it’s free this year

And Overwatch is dead. A lot of bla bla of ow2 for nothing


Announcements aside, I think Blizzcon this year did well for what it was, a scaled back event in a pandemic setting. They still had the base announcements, some panels, and a little bit of behind the scenes. It was also extremely accessible and free. So my complaints are more disappoints of them having to scale back their events, which I cannot fault them for.


Given the limitations caused by covid I think this was overall pretty good. I enjoyed the voices of shadowlands the most out of today’s panels.


I disagree. The Diablo forums were awesome and had a ton of info showing 3 new games…well 2 games and a remaster. What I thought was a bit lame was wanting us to shell out $59 for a bunch of random cosmetic items and 3 old games that have been free on their website forever. I don’t play every Blizzard game so it’s not worth $59 to me.

Day 2 does look pretty boring though but I will probably watch some of the WOW stuff anyway.


Agreed. Due to COVID I wasn’t expecting we’d get any Blizzcon so for us to get this at all - and on top of that, for it all to be free - I think Blizz did alright.


COMPLETELY AGREE!! If anything this online-only format only made me miss in person EVEN MORE <3


I have an, insanely, wonderful idea.

Instead of speaking of how disappointed you are with BlizzCon, how about you be grateful that there IS a BlizzCon.
Certainly, not everything is going to be to ones liking. Yet, in this world now, people have gone out of their way to see to it that we HAVE BlizzCon. And that, at the VERY least, deserves more than you do come on the forums and proclaim your disappointment.


I Disagree, i think it was very engaging and didnt feel like it was scripted. I understand the in person experience is always overwhelming but we are still in a pandemic.


Could have just kept to developer updates. Would have been literally the same impact except you know… getting hyped up for a lackluster WebEx meeting.

As someone who has never had the chance to go to an in person Blizzcon, I really REALLY enjoyed this experience. It was a fun chance to see what’s being worked on and get hints and teasers for what’s coming.

The announcement of D2: Remastered is exciting for me. I really enjoyed seeing some of the art and hearing from Blizzard in general. Seeing the cosplay and the art that fans have made is incredible too! I’m enjoying the desktop backgrounds that have been shared and dropped on the website too.

This was never going to be a massive Blizzcon, considering the state of the world that we’re in. Blizzard has generally taken their time to release some really polished games. I’m hopeful that OW2, D4 and DI are going to be just as polished by the time the games are fully released. I’m hopeful that simply by being patient we’ll get to enjoy the fruits of labours. In my estimation, Blizzard needed to take some time to adapt to working from home in 2020, like everyone did. That’s bound to have an impact on production scheduling.

It is easy to say that this Blizzcon didn’t have the same magic that has come in Blizzcons past. I commend the team at Blizzard for taking the time to put something together. The company could’ve easily said that since we’re in a global pandemic that Blizzcon would have been axed all together and we’ll see you in 2022 when the world (hopefully) returns to some semblance of order. Instead, the team put together the best show that they could and invited everyone - not just people who could afford the ticket and/or travel expenses - into this experience.

While Blizzard is a game studio, I feel it’s important to remember that it’s also a group of fellow human beings, many of them passionate gamers like us, who are also trying to do their best to bring a slice of joy and connectivity. It gave me a few hours to not stress about the pandemic. For that, I thank you Blizzard. Bravo.


Oh yeah, it was a lot of fun. And getting to meet Drakka and Bwonsamdi was a blast. This and the music panels are probably my favorites.

I don’t know, I disagree with the original post, I have never been able to go to Blizzcon (someday…) and I buy the ticket for the online every year. With the Covid pandemic, to get even this much is a big feat, one that most of us appreciate.


I agree with you. The actors panel was great. I don’t know what everyone was expecting from Blizzard today, but I for one am not disappointed.


There’s always wowhead to give you just that.

I’ve been to one blizzcon and it was pretty awesome. The main differences between in person and watching it online are:

  1. The people, coming across other nerds who also want to enjoy blizzcon
  2. Being able to meet devs/artists/voice team at panels/around the Anaheim hotel
  3. Meeting streamers in person either at various panels or at one of the after parties
  4. The cosplayers (omg you guys just bring the hype, love you all)
  5. The pin trading (Blizzard sells pins and people collect them and you can meet up with peeps at the Darkmoon faire or in the pin trading area blizzard had setup in the 2019 blizzcon). For me this was the best. I’m not super social, but I was able to socialize and trade for pins. Then I was able to swap pins I had for pins I didn’t have at the blizzard pin boards.

Shadowlands finally took the plunge that made me go “im no longer going to play retail”, just because their story has gone completely out the window. Classic TBC is great, but not being able to copy my character over to TBC will create a divide between what remains of the classic community and what will become of TBC.

Hearthstone did not have me excited about any of the new cards, but the mercenary mode did look like something to do at least (the battle pass for the game is still inexcusable). D4 I expected WAY more than what they showed, D2 resurrected is the highlight of the entire con, and OW2 was just… there.

I play Heroes of the Storm more than any of their other games now, there was no support for it this Blizzcon. None. We’ve been on the christmas event for the game since October, when is the new event? Where is a steady update of heroes? I know a developer video said they are just sitting on a bunch but they aren’t allowed to push them out until the company finds a relevant event to release them alongside with. I expected to see Baal get announced because this was going to be the “Diablo Blizzcon”, and now I’m seeing art of overwatch skins for more of the characters in their blizzcon art gallery.

I want to support what I like with money. Nothing in Hearthstone, OW, and WoW retail have made me want to open my wallet. I see no reason to buy the 30yr celebration blizzcon bundle since I only get a bike in HotS, and wings in diablo 3 (a dead game now that D2R and D4 will exist) - the other rewards aren’t rewards at all because I won’t be playing those games. I’d love to support what I think are great creations/decisions by Blizzard, but the option to buy only the things I want doesn’t exist.

The last three cons have gotten progressively worse with each one. Wasn’t there supposed to be a Q&A panel too? Or is that tomorrow?

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Q&A panel is tomorrow. I’m not surprised by HoTs cause they announced a few years ago that they were done doing active development for it. It’s mostly just new skins that get made for it nowadays.

I’m a little iffy with what they did with Sylvanus in Legion and BfA and then where they’re taking her now, it feels disconnected. I’m hoping Anduin gets saved cause I love my beautiful crying angel boy.

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Im just here for the free in game items.